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What Can I Add To A RegFox Page?

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Getting Started

In our Add, Edit, Delete & Move Fields Help Article we outline how to add fields to your Page. In this Help Article we outline what the fields mean, and how to use them.

Page Builder

The Page Builder is where you edit your Registration Page. In it you have five main sections:

  1. RegFox Navigation Bar

  2. Logo and Help Nav Bar

  3. Header

  4. Body and Billing Section

  5. Footer

Sections that are separated by dashed lines that don't allow elements to be moved across those lines. There's a list of all the fields that can be added to each section below.

There are different Elements you can add to the Page Builder based on the section you are editing. For example, you can't add a Registration field to the Header, but you can add it to the Body of the Page Builder. I list out the fields that can be added to each section below.

RegFox Navigation Bar

These sections are the different elements that help you build your Registration Page. Here's a brief description and links to Help Articles that outline how each option works:

  • Save, Preview, & Publish these buttons are where you can Save, Preview, and Publish.

  • Coupons this is where you setup any discounted, free, and Global coupons for your event.

  • Actions this is where setup our Actions feature.

  • Confirmation Page this is where you can customize your Confirmation Page.

  • Confirmation Emails this is where you can customize your Confirmation Emails.

  • Promote this is where you can customize your Social Media post, setup Social Proof, and our Ambassador Program.

  • Onsite this is where you can setup our Check-In App and Onsite Printing.


  • Dates this is where you can setup Open and Closing your event page.

  • Restrict Access this is where you can setup a password.

  • Multi-Reg this is where you can enable our Multi-Reg feature. This allows your registrants to register multiple people in a single transaction.

  • Pre-Registration this is where you can setup our Pre-registration feature.

  • Tracking this is where you enable conversion tracking for Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Registrant Permissions this is where you setup our Registrant Account Center which allows your registrants to edit their own registrations.

Logo and Help Nav Bar


The Logo section allows you to add these elements to your page:

  • Logo

  • Header Image

  • Raw HTML

  • Streaming Embed

Help Nav Bar

This section allows you to enable these elements so that they appear at the top of your page. Click here for more information.

  • Resend Confirmation

  • Transfer My Registration

  • Login

  • Contact

  • Lodging and Hotel


The Header section allows you to add these Design Elements to this section of your Page:


The body of the page allows you to add the most amount of Elements:

Personal Information

Personal Information fields are fields that collect the common types of personal information. If you are missing a field you want to collect data with, you can customize our Data Collection fields to suit your needs.

Data Collection

Data Collection Fields are a great tool in customizing your Registration Page to suit your needs.

  • Registration Options this is the field where you add your registration options to your registration page. It's important to use this field especially if you plan to use our Check-In App.

  • Text Field these fields are data entry fields that allow your registrants to type an answer to any question you ask. RegFox allows you to customize the Label and allows your registrants to type in their answer in the field. For example, if you need a unique field like an ID Number. You can customize the Text Field to collect information from your registrants by requiring that they fill in the blank for that field. Here's how to set it up:

  • Multiple Choice need your registrants to answer from a specific set of choices? Our Multiple Choice field is perfect for that. Here's how to set it up:

There are three options you can select from:

  • Dropdown this option only allows your registrants to select a single answer.

  • Radios this option only allows your registrants to select a single answer.

  • Checkboxes this option allows your registrants to select multiple answers.

  • Date this allows you to add a Date field to your page.

  • Checkbox this allows you to add a Checkbox field to your page.

  • File Upload this allows you to add an Upload field to your page. You are able to upload determine what file types can be uploaded on your page:

  • Terms allows you to customize a Terms and Condition field. Click here to learn more.

  • Waiver allows you to customize a Waiver that must be signed prior to attending your event. Click here to learn more.

  • Share and Thank incentivizes your registrants to share your page, click here to learn more.

Financial Information

These fields are used to sell and earn extra money on your page. With these Elements you can sell Merchandise, add breakout Sessions, and so much more. Here are links to Help Articles that outline how to use them:

  • Merchandise allows you to sell Merchandise on your page,

  • Sessions allows you to add a breakout Session fields to your page.

  • Line Item allows you to add a Convenience Fee to your page.

  • Membership Manager allows you to add our Membership Manager to your page.

  • Coupon allows you to create discounted and/or free registrations.

  • Vouchers allows you to sell Gift Cards on your registration pages.

  • Purchase Protection is a service that allows registrants a full refund of their event fees should unforeseen circumstances take place.

Display Elements

These are design fields that help you design your registration page. Use these fields to add additional Banners, Pictures, Video, Headers and other design elements to your page.


These are advanced fields that are a little more technical but can help you as well. Here are some Help Articles that outline how to use them:

  • Location you can add this Element to show a link to the map of your event location.

  • Raw HTML this is where you can add HTML to your page. HTML is the content, paragraphs, headings, tables on the page and the order/composition of it.

Billing Section

Payment Methods

You can edit the way you can collect Payments in your Registration Page. We offer these different options, click on the links to see how to set them up and how they work:

Optional Fields

The Address, Phone, and Email fields are optional in the Billing Section and can be enabled or disabled. Please note: specific Gateways require the full address and disabling the address can result in Gateway Errors and failed Registrations. You'll want to make sure your Gateway allows only a ZipCode to submit a registration.

Submit Button

This button can be edited as well. You can update the Label to whatever word or phrase you like.


Like the Header has key elements that can be added to this section. You can add the following elements:

Design Settings

You can access your Design Settings in the upper right hand corner of your event page. Click here to learn more information about our Design Settings.

You will see this popup appear. If you select Styles at the top of the popup, you will see this:

And this is what each Element means:


A heading is a Title, it's a word, phrase, or sentence at the beginning of a written passage that explains what it's about.

Paragraph Text

A paragraph is a section of text containing one or more sentences, which together express a single idea or unit of information.

You are able to edit both the Heading and Paragraph Text

  • Font Type,

  • Font Size,

  • Styles (Bold or Italics), and

  • Font Color

Color Wheel

Our color wheel allows you to edit colors by RGBa or HEX number. Or you can also click and drag the cursor over the color you want. There are three settings to adjust color:

  1. You can input the RGBa or HEX number to select your color,

  2. You can click and drag the cursor to get the shade you like,

  3. Adjust the bar to select the hue you'd like to change the font color, and

  4. Adjust this bar to set the transparency of the color.

It looks like this:

Text Links

Is a hyperlink with only text that navigates you to a different area within a document or separate. You can set the color for Text Links on your page.


Allows you to edit the color of the buttons on your Registration Page.


Refers to the elements that collect data on your Registration Page. You are able to set the position of the label, the style of the field box, and the width of the field.

CSS Editor

CSS is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of elements on your registration page. Please Note: we make the CSS Editor available to allow anyone with the capability (or a Web Developer) to further customize as they see fit, currently editing is beyond our standard support offering

Browse Theme and Save Theme

If you decide that you would like to change your Theme, you can select this button and it will update your Theme. Please note: this will remove some of the changes you've made to your page, so that you will start building the page from scratch.

If you select Background at the top of the popup, you will see these options and this is what each element means:

Foreground Color

This is the color of the body of your Registration Page.

Background Color

This is the color that is in the background of your Registration Page.

Background Image

This is the background image of your Registration Page.

Key Terms

  • Label: a word or phrase that describes the field.

  • Required: means that the Registration Page cannot be Submitted without completing this field.


Is there a way to copy and paste fields in RegFox?

Currently there isn't a way to do this.

Can I delete fields once I've Published and taken Registrants?

You don't want to delete Data Collecting fields, because deleting those will delete the data on the backend. This Help Article outlines this in detail here.

Where can I find a file that has been uploaded to our page?

The file uploaded can be found in the registrants registration:

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