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How Can I Allow Registrants To Edit Their Own Registration?

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Your registrants can login to their Registrant Accounts to view and/or edit their registrations. This video will teach you how to set them up and what the experience will look like to your registrants. 

Note: Feel free to use the video chapters to jump ahead if needed. 

Chapter 1: Customize the Account
Chapter 2: Registrant Permissions

Chapter 3: Find Your Link
Chapter 4: Registrant Experience

Note: You can enable a fee to allow for registrants to edit an order

This field is optional. Set the price for the registrant to make changes to an order.


Can a Registration be edited that is in Pre-Registration status?

A registrant can't edit an order that is in Pre-Registration status.

Can I disable the Registrant Account Center?

Once your Registrants have claimed their account on the live page, they will be able to return to your account URL and view their registrant information, even if you disable Registrant Permissions on the form.

If needed, you can update the dates so they won't be able to edit their orders.

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