Select Tracking from your Setting dropdown in the page builder. 

Here you can enter your tracking IDs. 

It is recommended to use one of them at a time. To track ecommerce conversions, place your Google Analytics Tracking ID within a Google Tag Manager Container.


Can I use other tracking platforms within your software?

Yes, but they need to be implemented by Google Tag Manger.

What is the confirmation URL? 

Each confirmation URL is unique because it contains the registrant ID number. It cannot be restructured, but it is not necessary for tracking conversions with available set up. 

Where can I learn more about conversion tracking? 

Our system is plug & play for conversion tracking software. You can reference the  Google help center, the Facebook help center, the Adword help center, or the Ecommerce help center for more information. 

How do I manage my Facebook Ads?

Here is a great resource on how to create, analyze, and manage your Facebook Ads 

My Facebook Link preview is not working. Tips to fix it?

Here is a tool for when you share a URL and find  the Facebook link preview is not working properly. Click Here. 

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