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Copy, Sort, Archive, Unarchive or Delete Pages
Copy, Sort, Archive, Unarchive or Delete Pages

How to publish, unpublish, and sort your pages

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To copy a page, select the Copy Icon.

Enter the details for the new page before you hit next. The old page will be copied to use as a template for the new. 

What Will Copy 

  • Fields (including all associated wording, capacities, and settings)

  • Graphics & Wording

  • Actions (date-based actions will copy, but will need to be updated)

  • Confirmation Messaging 

  • Registrant Permissions

What Will Not Copy 

  • Coupons

  • Registration Start Date & Time

  • Page URL

  • App Keys 


To sort your pages, select an option from the dropdown. 

Or view and create folders for sorting. 


To archive a page, select Move to Archive and confirm. 

Archiving a page will immediately disable the link so no new registrations can be accepted. Please note: In order to access data from archived pages, restore the page(s) first from being archived.


To unarchive your page, select the Folder, next to My Pages.

Click the Archived folder. Select the Restore option under the Page you are looking to restore.


To delete a page, first archive it. From the archived folder, you will have the option to delete it. 

Once a page is deleted, it cannot be undone. If you can't find your archived folder, make sure your Folders view is toggled on. 


How do I restore a page that I've archived? 

From the archived folder, you'll have the option to restore it. This can only be done for archived, not deleted pages. Restoring a page from the archive does not publish it or make it live again until you hit publish.

I no longer want a page to be published and live, can I "unpublish" a page?

Definitely! The way you can unpublish a form is by clicking the archive button. See above for instructions on how to archive.

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