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Continuing Education Units (CEU's)

How Can I Create a Certification Course In RegFox? CEU's

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In this Help Article you will learn how to provide continuing education training, by allowing you to create certificates and allow your attendees to watch pre-recorded videos and obtain a certificate for the course they complete.

Create Your Certificate

Select Extras

Select Certificate Templates

Select Start Using Certificates

Enter the following information in the fields:

Certificate Guide

  • Template Name: Name the certificate.

  • Upload Organization Logo: Add your logo here.

  • Organization Details: You can input your Organization Name, Address, etc.

  • Headline: This field defaults to Certificate of Completion, but you can customize what this line looks like.

  • Credits: When enabled shows a field to allow the you to customize how you label your credits. For example, if you use Units instead, type in Units and Units will be displayed.

  • Signature Image: This is the signature that is used to certify the course certificate. It should be a .JPG or .PNG file type.

  • Additional text: Enter additional details in this field.

  • View Sample Certificate: To see a preview of your Certificate

What You Can Edit On The Template

These are the customizable fields on your certificate template:

  • Organization Logo

  • Organization Details

  • Headline

  • Credits Issued

  • Signature

  • Additional Details

This text is sourced from the Event Information:

  • Attendee Name: (From event info) Insert “Attendee Name Goes Here”

  • Session Name: (From event info) Insert “Session Name Goes Here”

  • Date Issued: (From event info) Insert “Date Issued Here”

Text cannot be customized:

  • For Attendance Of

Select Save to save your certificate.

Create A Virtual Event

Next you need to create a Virtual Event in RegFox. To get started with a Virtual Event, start here.

Upload Your Pre-Recorded Content

Once your page is built, you'll want to upload your pre-recorded video in our Virtual Event Menu. There are two ways to do this:

One option, you can upload this under the Livestream option with the Pre-Recorded content button selected

Select Livestream

Select Pre-Recorded

Or, you can select On Demand Viewing and select Pre-Recorded video

And upload your Pre-Recorded Video(s)

Next you'll need to select Issue Certificate After Viewing to ensure that your certificate is sent to your registrant.

Customize Pre-Recorded Video Settings

Once you select Issue Certificates After Viewing you will be able to customize your Video Settings for Certificates. Each field is outlined in detail below.

  • % Required For Certificate: Determines how much of the video is required to be watched before the certificate is automatically issued at the end of the video.

  • Upload Organization Logo: Add your logo here.

  • Certify Button Text: customize the button text that your attendees will select when they complete the course.

  • Template: select the certificate template you would like to attach to this session.

  • Session Name on Certificate: enter the name of the Session for the certificate.

  • Credits: enter the number of credits.

  • Custom Message: where you can add instructions on how to complete the course.

  • Email Reply To: the email you want your registrants to respond to if they have questions.

  • Email BCC: add any emails you would like to receive a Blind Carbon Copy of this certificate.

  • Email Text: User fills in custom text that will go into the email that’s sent to the attendee when they receive their certificate. In the email.

  • Additional info on completion: place any additional information that you want your attendees to know.

  • Details or Description: information here will appear below your pre-recorded video and at the bottom of.

Restrict Access

You are able to choose what Registration Option can watch your pre-recorded video by selecting the Restrict by Audience checkbox. More information can be found here.

Repeat this process for as many Pre-recorded videos you have by selecting Add Another On-Demand button

Users Experience Using Continuing Education Credits

Purchase a registration

Select Access Online Event button

Watch The Pre-Recorded Video

Once the video is completed, you'll see this screen

Here you are able to do two things:

  1. Select the Certify button to receive your certification or

  2. Restart the video.

When you complete the course, you will see the success message in the upper right hand corner:

And you will receive a follow up email with your Certificate in it:

Click the link and your certificate will open a PDF in another tab.

Organizer Experience

And this is what you will see when you are the Event Organizer

When the course is successfully completed there will be a Continuing Education Certificates section at the bottom of the Registration.

When the course isn't completed, that section is missing.


The Registrant Report now has a column labelled Certificate Levels to show what level your attendees registered for.


Are we able to generate mass certifications?

Currently you are unable to generate mass certificates.

Is there an image gallery?

No image library at this time. If the you need to create ten templates using the same logo, you will need to re-upload the same logo each time.

Can I delete a Certificate?

We do not support deleting Certificates at this time.

Can I filter how I sort my certificates?

Currently templates can only sort alphabetically.

What happens when an attendee doesn't complete the course?

The attendees will not be able to see the Certify button and then a certificate won't generate.

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