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Set up a deposit payments, also known as payment plan option for your registration

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Deposits are a great option to split up large balances into easy-to-manage payments.

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First, set up the Registration Options field with the choices your page will offer.

Note: The multiple-choice field does not have a deposit option. 

Toggle the Allow Deposits option On and adjust the settings. 

The initial payment can be set up in dollars or a percentage of the total. Click the dollar symbol $ to change it to percentage a %.

Then set the Balance Due On, date.

Once published, the selected option will show the choice to pay in full or pay the deposit. 

When the deposit payment is selected, the charge date for the remaining balance will be displayed. 

Reporting - How to view the customers who have paid a deposit

Click Registrations from the top menu.

Filter by selecting from the Status drop-down menu: Pending Final Payment.

From this filtered registration display, you can see all who have selected to pay a deposit. You can further filter by selecting the Page drop-down menu if you wish to view a single registration page.

Remaining Balance: Add Payment or Apply a Credit

The default settings for Deposit Payments are for a single payment to be made upon registration and automated final payment to be made on the date selected by the page administrator.

Micro-payments can be manually added by the administrator before the final payment due date.

Select the eye icon to view the order details. 

Option 1: Click Add Payment

This option will deduct from the remaining balance by adding an additional payment prior to the final due date.

When adding a payment, you can:

1. Charge the card on file.

2. Charge a different card.

3. Record an offline payment such as check, cash, or other forms of payment outside of this system.

Option 2: Apply a Credit

This option will deduct from the remaining balance by adding a credit to the remaining balance. Common credit examples are a scholarship, winning a prize, or a late discount.
Use the Notes section to remind yourself later what the Credit was for. This information is exportable.

Payment Link - Family and Friends can pay towards the balance

If your registrants would like to allow for other people such as a family or friend to make payments towards their remaining balance, you can utilize our Payment Links. 

First, make sure that Group Registration is disabled. 

Making this change will enable Payment Links to the registration flow automatically to the confirmation email.  

Applying a payment will modify the final balance due for the registration. Both the person paying and the registrant will receive a notice of the payment towards their balance through an email.

Final Payment - Knowing when your registrant has paid in full

Let's recap the 3 ways final payments can be made when using deposits.

  1. Automated final payment on the date set up when creating the registration page.

  2. Micro-payments made to the remaining balance before the final payment day.

  3. Payment Link to allow family and friends to pay towards balance.

When either A) the balance is paid off or B) the final payment date comes and issues the final charge, the registration status will change from Pending Final Payment to Completed.

Click to learn more about registration status.

Pro Tip: The remaining balance can be paid off by customers ahead of time.

Click to learn about setting up a free Registrant Account Center system so your clients can make micro-payments on their own.

Changing a Card On File, Change Date of Payment, or Disable a Scheduled Payment

To edit the credit card on file:

  • View the Registration.

  • Select the details of the Scheduled Payment, this is a section below the registration information.

  • Select Edit on the top right corner of the report.

  • Now, type in the new card information and expiration date.

  • Changing the Next Date will change the date of the scheduled payment for that order.

  • You can also disable the upcoming scheduled payments if needed by toggling the Enabled button to NO.


When is the $0.99 + 1% per paid registrant with a maximum fee of $4.99 per registrant?
We charge $0.99 + 1% per paid registrant with a maximum fee of $4.99 per registrant when the original registration takes place (ie when the order status is Pending Final Payment). It is only charged once per registrant.

Can a person pay the deposit by card and the final payment by cash or check?

Yes, follow these steps to update their remaining balance.

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