Deposits are a great option to split up large balances into easy-to-manage payments. This article will cover... 

  • Set Up
  • Reporting
  • Add a Payment or Apply a Credit
  • Payment Links  
  • FAQs 

Set Up

First, confirm you've set up your registration choices in the Registration Options field. 

Note: The multiple choice field doesn't have a deposit option. 

Toggle the Deposits option on and adjust the settings. 

You can set up the initial payment in dollars or a percentage of the total. Then set the desired payment date for the remaining balance. 

Once published, the selected option will show the choice to pay in full or pay the deposit. 

When deposit is selected, the charge date for the remaining balance will be displayed. 


To view registrants who are pending their final payment, click Registrations from the top menu.

Filter your registrations by selecting status Pending Final Payment.

Add Payment or Apply a Credit

Select the eye icon to view the order details. 

Click either Add Payment or Apply Credit

When adding a payment, you can charge the card on file, charge a different card, or record an offline payment. 

When adding a credit, you can tell the system where the funds came from with a note. 

For example: scholarship, prize winning, late discount

When either A) the balance is paid off or B) the final payment date comes and issues the final charge, the status will change from Pending Final Payment to Completed.  

If your registrants would like to allow for others to make payments towards their balance, you can utilize our Payment Links. 

First, make sure that Multi-Reg is disabled. 

This will add Payment Links to registration flow automatically.  

Applying a payment will modify the final balance due for the registration. Both the person paying and the registrant will receive a notice of the payment towards their balance. 


When is the $0.99 fee applied?
We charge $0.99 when the original registration takes place (ie when the order status is Pending Final Payment). It is only charged once per registrant. 

What if I need to change the current card on file?

To edit the credit card on file:

  • Select Details of the Scheduled Payment
  • Select Edit.

You can edit the cad on file and/or disable the upcoming scheduled payments if needed.

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