As you filter through your registrations, you will see the following status options. 

Note: No registration, no matter the status, cannot be deleted out of the reporting center. However, you can filter them so they won't pull into your numbers / exports


The registration was successful. All is good. Yay! 

Pending Offline

The registration was successful but cash or check payment is still owed. Once you've received payment, you can change this status to completed.

Pending Final Payment

The registration was successful and the deposit was received; however, the registrant still has a final payment scheduled for the future. 

Note: The final payment could be online or offline. 


If a registration is pending, it means the card failed to run. The registration was submitted but not completed due to a transactional error. A registration will stay pending for up to 72 hours then go to Abandoned.

Note: To find the cause of the transactional error, check the transactional status.

Pending Transfer

This means a registrant has started the process to transfer their registration to another registrant. This is done through their registrant account when the transfer option is enabled. This status means it hasn't been completed yet. 


When the transfer option is completed, the original registration will switch from a completed status to a transferred status. 


This status will show if a registration has been pending for more than 72 hours. This means the transaction failed to complete and it is now abandoned. An abandoned registration will only pull into the registrant report when filtering ALL. Otherwise, these will remain out of reports. 

Note: This scenario is rare, but if you see this status, confirm the transaction has failed in your gateway account. If so, have the registrant try again. 


This means you have cancelled the registration / order. You can cancel and issue a refund or cancel without issuing a refund (depending on your event's policy). 


The registration was successful in taking registrant information for the waitlist. The registrant has not been charged, their information is being held until they are accepted for the event.
Note: This is not in the Status dropdown, because you can click the Waitlist link as shown below.

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