Registration and transaction statuses explained

Review a list of all the possible statuses your registrations and transactions could receive and why

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Once you start accepting registrations and processing transactions, they will be assigned a status based on a various number of factors. We will explain each of them below.

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Note: No registration, no matter the status, can be deleted out of the reporting center. However, you can filter them so they won't pull into your numbers / exports.

Registration Statuses


A registration with an Abandoned status means the original registration was not successfully completed for some reason and was already Pending for up to 24 hours before updating to Abandoned. Abandoned registrations are unable to be deleted and they are unable to be re-run. The registrant would want to attempt a new registration.

If for some reason you are seeing a large volume of registrations with Pending or Abandoned statuses.


A registration with a Canceled status means you have canceled the registration. You can cancel and issue a refund or cancel without issuing a refund (depending on your event's policy).


A registration with a Completed status means it was submitted successfully. If it had a transaction associated to it, their card would have been successfully charged and submitted.


If a registration has a Pending status, it means the registrant attempted to submit their registration, but it did not successfully go through for some reason and their card was not charged. A registration will maintain the Pending status for up to 24 hours and then will change from Pending to Abandoned. A Pending registration can not be deleted and it cannot be re-run. The registrant will want to try a new registration.

Common reasons (not a full list) that may cause a registration to have a Pending status:

  • The card declined for some reason (this is the most common reason)

    • Cards most commonly decline due to:

      • Mistyping card details or billing address

      • Their bank declined the charge for some reason

      • Their bank account doesn't have sufficient funds

  • Pending User Action (This applies for European customers who have to use transaction authentication)

  • Selected item sold out - It could be your event sells out fast or has dwindling inventory and by the time the registrant went to checkout, the registration option or item they selected was already sold out so the registration was unable to complete.

Tip: To find more clarity on details for why the transaction declined, go to Reports-> Transactions and search for the transaction and look at the transaction status.

Pending Offline

A registration with a Pending Offline status means their registration was successfully submitted, but you have not yet received their offline cash or check payment. Once you've marked that you've received their payment, their registration status will change from Pending Offline to Completed.

Pending Transfer

A registration with a Pending Transfer status means a registrant has initiated the process to transfer their registration to another registrant. If you have the Registrant Account Center and Transfers enabled, that is when your registrants are able to initiate this. This means the transfer is in progress and has not been completed yet. If a transfer is initiated, but the recipient does not complete the transfer prior to the end of the transfer period, that transfer will remain in a Pending Transfer state.

Pending Final Payment

Pending Final Payment status will be applied to a registration who has completed a registration with a deposit on it. The final payment of the deposit has not yet been made. Once it is made, the status will update to Completed.


Pre-Registered status means an interested registrant submitted their registration by putting a card on file, but have not been charged yet. Billing information has been collected but not charged. When you complete the registration, at that point the status will change from Pre-Registered to Completed and a confirmation will then be issued with an active QR code and their card will be charged.


When the recipient of transferred registration receives and completes the transfer, the original registration status will change from Completed -> Pending Transfer -> Transferred. Transferred is the status the original registration will have once the Transfer is complete.


When a registration option is sold out and you have the waitlist feature enabled, an interested registrant can opt to join the waitlist. When doing so, the system will collect their registration and billing information, but will not finalize the registration or charge their card until if and when they are chosen from the waitlist.

Transaction Status


A transaction with a Canceled status means the transaction encountered a system error and was unable to complete so it in turn it was cancelled.

Also, cancelling a Pending Offline registration would cause the transaction to be Canceled.


A transaction with a Completed status means the registration and transaction was successfully submitted and the transaction successfully processed by the payment processor and is on its way to your bank account.


This means a transaction has been disputed by the cardholder. Chargebacks occur for a variety of reasons:

  • The cardholder may not recognize the purchase

  • The item the cardholder received may not be what was advertised, etc.

You generally have the opportunity to contest or concede the chargeback. If you decide to contest the chargeback, you will need to supply specific evidence based on the chargeback type.

Three recommendations to help lower the chances of a registrant submitting a chargeback would be:

  • Have the organization name that appears on registrants' bank statements clearly be associated with your event they are attending so it doesn't seem like an unknown or nefarious charge

  • Deliver on the experience and expectations that were communicated the registrants would receive

  • Enable Purchase Protection so if a registrant has a covered reason not to attend, they can receive a refund, even if you have a no refund policy

Chargeback Reversal

A transaction will have a status of Chargeback Reversal when a registrant files a chargeback, but the payment processor reverses the claim.


A transaction will have a status of Declined if the credit card was not accepted by the payment processor or the issuing bank. A card could be declined for a number of reasons. Here are the most common reasons:

  • The form of payment was not accepted (ie maybe someone attempted to pay with an AMX, but they don not accept American Express)

  • They mistyped the credit card details such as CVV, zip code, billing address, card number, etc

  • The registrant had insufficient funds

  • Their issuing bank thought it was fraud for some reason

NOTE: A declined transaction is unable to be deleted or re-run. It is best to have the registrant attempt a new registration or try double checking their credit card details and try again.

Pending Offline

A transaction with Pending Offline status means the registrant successfully submitted a registration, but opted to pay offline and their payment has not yet been received. A Pending Offline payment will pull into your reporting and the associated Pending Offline registration will hold inventory and capacity.


When a transaction successfully completes, you typically have up to 24hours to void the transaction before it actually processes. It won't show as refunded in this case since the original transaction has not yet processed and settled, so it would show as Voided. Similarly, if you were to Void an offline payment, it would show with a Voided transaction.


This means the transaction has been approved by the processor but not yet billed.


A transaction status of Processing means a transaction has been created and is in the process of sending to your processor. If you have a transaction that has shown the status of Processing for over 24 hours, send us a message and we can help look into why that is.

Processor Error (Gateway Error)

A Processor Error status means the payment failed. Most likely caused by a broken connection with the payment processor or possibly the payment processor was experiencing some latency. It is possible (but not likely) that the payment is still pending or accepted on the processor side and will eventually settle, but did not report the settlement back to our system. If you see this error, first log in to check the status from inside your payment processor. If needed, our support team can assist you in addressing the error.


This means the payment failed due to an error outside of the payment processor. If you see this, please screenshot it and contact support to assist you.

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