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Pass on fees to your registrants

Learn about the various fee fields and how you can pass fees onto your registrants vs absorbing them

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If you'd like to receive face value of your registrations, you might consider using our Dynamic Fee Calculator. Click here to learn more.

There are multiple ways to pass on fees to your registrants. Below we will walk you through each option.

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Add a Fee Per Registrant

If you wish to charge sales tax or would like to charge a fee per registrant you can add a line item fee. If you set this line item fee to be a percentage, it will apply to the running total up until that point where the field is in the page. If you set the line item fee to be a fixed dollar amount, it will be charged once per registrant in the order.

Add a Line Item Fee

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to add the line item fee to

  • Scroll down and hover your mouse over the field where you'd like to add a line item after and click the plus button

  • Select Line Item from the Financial Information column

  • Set the amount you'd like to charge (either a fixed dollar amount or a percentage, or a combination of the two)

Apply a Fee to Specific Fields

If you'd like to charge a fee, but only for certain fields on the page, you can add and edit a Line Item field. Click Advanced Options in the Line Item field and specify which field(s) the fee should apply to.

NOTE: Alternatively, if you'd like to fully absorb the fees and not pass any onto your registrants, you'll simply want to review your page and remove any existing fee fields on it.

Dynamic Fee Calculator

If you are interested in passing on the fees in such a way that you receive the full face value of your registration price, click here to learn more about our Dynamic Fee Calculator feature.

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