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Accept cash, check and non-credit card payments
Accept cash, check and non-credit card payments

Offline payments allow registrants to register and send their payment offline via cash, check or through other methods you may offer

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If you are interested in accepting payment methods other than credit and debit cards, you can enable Offline Payments. This allows you to provide alternative options such as cash, check, etc in addition to instructions on how your registrants can pay.

The registrant will not receive their final confirmation with their active QR code until final payment has been received and marked as Complete in the system. Upon marking a payment as Complete, an updated confirmation email will be sent that will include their active QR code.

Note: If you're using Webconnex Payments, a credit card is required to publish this feature. The card will be invoiced $0.99 + 1% (up to $4.99) per registrant for completed offline payments. It will not be invoiced for free registrations. If you do not wish to have a card on file, simply disable the offline payment option.

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Getting Started

  • From the Pages screen click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to enable Offline Payments for

  • Scroll down to the Billing Information section and click the pencil icon on the Payment Method field

  • Toggle Allow Offline Payment to On

Set Your Offline Payment Options + Instructions

  • Update the label to be something that matches your Offline Options such as "Cash or Check Payment".

  • Include your payment instructions such as where to mail cash or check to, who to make the check out to, deadlines, etc.

  • Click the Done button

  • Save and Publish your changes

  • Publish your changes to set them live

Registrant experience

  • As a registrant arrives to the billing section of your live page, they will see the offline payment option as well as the offline instructions you provided.

  • A notice will display at the top of their confirmation stating: Important: Your registration is pending until your payment has been received in full. When it has been received, you'll receive a new email confirmation. Please see instructions below to send in your payment.

  • The payment instructions will also be displayed on the confirmation screen and confirmation email

Note: If someone selects to add Purchase Protection to their registration, it will disable the Offline Payment payment option

Hide the convenience fee

  • If you have a desire to hide the convenience fee when registrants choose an Offline Payment option, you can setup the following action

  • When Any Offline Payment Option Is Selected Hide Fee (the labels may vary based on your page setup)


Q: How do I complete an offline cash or check payment so the QR code can be generated and final confirmation email be sent?

A: You can complete an offline payment by clicking here and following the steps.

Q: When is the $0.99 + 1% (up to $4.99) fee applied?
A: The $0.99 + 1% (up to $4.99) fee is applied for Offline Payments when the original registration takes place and the status is set as Pending Offline Payment.

Q: How can I add an offline payment on a Peer to Peer fundraising page?

A: Currently you can add the Offline Payment Amount to the Setup on your Peer to Peer Page by following these steps:

  1. From the Pages screen, click the pencil Icon on the peer to peer page you'd like to add an offline payments to

  2. Select the pencil Icon within your Peer to Peer Page to access your Peer to Peer Settings

  3. Scroll down to Offline Contributions and add the amount you've received via Cash or Check

  4. Save and Publish your changes and you'll see your total updated on your live page

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