Manually enter registrations

Manually enter registrations from inside your account. Enter the registrant's information, or use past information stored in the CRM

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If you'd like to manually enter an order without having to go through your live page. This is useful for when you might need import registrants from another platform, have paper submissions, or registering someone over the phone.

One really awesome feature for manual entry is you can re-register a past attendee to a new registration page using their saved information and card on file. This is useful when transferring a registrant from a previous page to a new page or possibly a signing up a repeat attendee on a new page. Curently manual entry works for one registrant at a time.

Here is how to manually enter a registrant:

  • From the Pages screen, select Registrations from the top menu bar

  • Click the Add Registration button

  • Select the page you'd like to manually enter a registrant for

  • You can select a person from the Contact list (these are past registrants), or leave blank to continue on to entering information

  • Enter the billing information

  • When done, click Submit at the bottom

NOTE: If you'd like to enter a registration manually, but not enter any billing information, you'll just want to create and enter a coupon code to waive the fees.


Can I process offline orders in manual entry?

  • Yes you can enter an offline order through Manual Entry, but the offline payment method would first need to be enabled on the page to process an offline order at this time. In the future, offline will be a payment method available on all pages in Manual Entry mode. The registration will be put in a pending offline payment status until you go to the transaction to complete it.

Can I import registrants from a file or list?

No, at this time registrants are not able to be imported from a file or list. They would be entered one at a time.

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