To issue a full or partial refund, select Transactions from your Reports dropdown.

Select the view icon on the transaction. 

Select refund. 

Note: This will open a list of options, it won't automatically refund the payment. 

Option One: Issue a full refund to the card on file. 

Option Two: Issue a partial refund to the card on file. 

Option Three: Issue a coupon code for future use.

In this option, Katie will be emailed a global coupon code that can be redeemed on any of your live pages. 

Once you've made your selection, issue the refund. 

If successful, the refund will appear in brackets on the order. 

Note: You can issue a full or partial refund without cancelling the order. Learn to cancel the order here. 


Can I issue a refund after issuing a coupon code if the customer changes their mind?

Yes! You can refund by selecting the original transaction and refunding from that screen (see below).

  • Select Details on the transaction
  • Select Refund

Note: You will also need to cancel the coupon code you issued to ensure it's not used. To do this...

  • Select the Coupons tab in any page builder
  • Locate the coupon
  • Set the Usage Limit to zero OR use the trash can icon to delete the coupon

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