Create a Check-In app key

To login to the RegFox check-in app, you'll first want to create an app key to get registrant data to your scanning device.

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The RegFox Check-In app allows you to easily check registrants in at your event. It also gives you the ability to check people in for sessions, redeem merchandise, sign on-site waivers and more!

The check-in app can be downloaded on iOs here or on Android devices by clicking here.

In order to use the check-in app, you'll first want to create an app key. Below is how to do so:

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Create an app key

Create an app key

  • From the Pages screen, click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to create an app key for

  • Hover your mouse over the Onsite heading in the top menu bar

  • Select Check-In App from the dropdown

  • Click the Create App Key button

Tip: You can create and customize multiple check-in app keys. There are various reasons why people might want multiple app keys. It could be if you'd like different fields, or different settings for different locations at your event. ie one app key might require a waiver for check-in. Then maybe a secondary app key is just for redeeming merchandise inside the event.

Customize your check-in app

Name your app key

First, you'll want to name the app key. This is for internal purposes only and will help you differentiate between app keys if you create multiple.

Allow team + volunteers to edit registrations

If you'd like to allow your team or volunteers to edit registrations after checking people in, you can toggle on "Allow team to edit registration data from app".


If you'd like to collect a signature on-site or have registrants agree to terms, you can toggle on "Require Onsite Verification".

Here you can choose whether you'd like to upload a PDF or paste in waiver text. By default it will ask the registrant to check a button to agree. You also can opt to collect a finger signature and/or capture a photo of the registrant as well upon signing.

Select fields to pull into the app

  • Select the fields you'd like included in the app. To select multiple fields at once, hold the Command key down on a Mac keyboard and the Control key down on a Windows keyboard while making your field selections.

  • Click the blue arrow to move the fields to the box on the right so they are added to the app.

  • You can re-order fields by selecting a field and pressing the up and down arrows.

  • When done, click the Create button.

Get your app key + Edit settings

While on the app key screen, you can opt to text yourself (or someone else) the app key. Or, once you have the check-in app downloaded, you can scan the QR code to get logged into the app using this key.

Also, click the pencil icon if you wish to edit any settings in your app key, or click the Trash icon to delete one.


How do I enable Mobile Pay Pass in my Check-in app?

Here is how to setup and use Mobile Pay Pass (to accept payments on-site).

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