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๐Ÿ“ฑ Download our Mobile Pay Pass app here. (IOS only)

Attendees just need to opt-in their tickets for Mobile Pay Pass by creating a 4 digit pin after purchase. Then at your event, our Mobile Pay Pass app will scan the attendee's ticket, ask for their PIN, and Voila! Their purchase is completed, using the card already on file.

Mobile Pay Pass will be $.25 per transaction and allows for cashless payments onsite for events.

This article covers:

Enabling Mobile Pay Pass for your Event

When unlocked in your account, Mobile Pay Pass will be found under the โ€œOnsiteโ€ tab in your Page Builder.

Enable Mobile Pay Pass and click "Add Product" button to add items you want to sell onsite.

*Note: Enabling Mobile Pay Pass on your page, turns Mobile Pay Pass Opt-In for orders - allowing attendees to opt into Mobile Pay Pass and create their PINs on their confirmations.

How Attendees Opt-In to Mobile Pay Pass

If Mobile Pay Pass is enabled on the page, this opt-in step will show up on customer's confirmation pages & emails:

To opt-in, the purchaser must create a 4-digit PIN:

After they created their 4 digit PIN, we send that PIN confirmation to the biller email address on the order:

If they forget their PIN, they can resend that PIN number to themselves from the confirmation email or screen:

Setting up Your Mobile Pay Pass App for Onsite Sales

Download the Mobile Pay Pass App from the store here. (Currently, the app only is supported by IOS)

To get your Mobile Pay Pass App Key:

Enable the Mobile Pay Pass Setting on your Check-In App Key

You can use the same App Key for both our Check-In App and our Mobile Pay Pass app ๐ŸŽ‰

Selling Products using Mobile Pay Pass App

  • Open the Mobile Pay Pass App on your iPhone.

  • Enter the App Key you've created.

  • Enter the cashier's name

  • Select the items that you want to sell on this device.

  • To start a sale, add the items the customer wants to purchase, scan their ticket and have them type in their 4-digit pin.

  • Confirm the purchase and you are ready to your next sale!


There are several ways to see your Mobile Pay Pass information.

In the App:

The best way to see both your transactions processed & items sold is through the app. Before, ending each session, you can view the session summary of what was sold in that session. You can screenshot this to save for your records.

Onsite Sessions Export

Under Reports > Exports > Onsite Sessions Export, you can export your transaction information from each session. Currently, this only shows transaction information, not # of items or what items were sold.

Onsite Sales Analytics

Under your Page Analytics, you will find an "Onsite Sales" Table displaying the device name and your credit card sales by each session. Your Box Office Sales will also be in this report.

Registrant Export

You can find who purchased Mobile Pay Pass Items and what they purchased through your Registrant Export under Reports > Exporter. Mobile Pay Pass adds purchases to the original registration.


  • Can I change the card on file?

    Not at this time.

  • How can I see my sales volume and what items were sold from the app in one report?
    You can do this by exporting your Orders and selecting the Mobile Pay Pass columns.
    If you need to see this information by cashier session, the best way is to screenshot the session summaries from the app at this time.

  • Is the app available for other countries than US / CAD?
    Not at this time.

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