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Create, customize and print beautiful name badges and wristbands using a Zebra printer.

The video below will walk you through the creation and design process as well as how to calibrate your Zebra printer and print the badges.

Our badge printing feature is compatible with the Zebra 621 You are welcome to purchase from the provider of your choice. Here are a couple of quick options:

(it also is compatible with Zebra ZD620, although this printer is now discontinued).

Create Your Badge(s)

  • From the Pages screen, click the Pencil icon to edit the page you'd like to create badges for

  • Hover your mouse over Onsite in the upper menu bar

  • Select Badge Printing from the dropdown menu

  • Click the Create Badge Design button

Select Your Badge Size + Template

  • Select the size of the badge you'd like to print and whether you'd like a single-sided or double-sided badge

  • Select the template layout you'd like to start with

  • Give your badge a name (this is for internal use only)

Available Badge Sizes




Single Sided


Single Sided


Single Sided


Doubled Sided


Doubled Sided

Designing Your Badges

  • Select with registration option(s) you'd like this design to apply to. You can apply it to a specific level or all levels.

  • On the right-hand side you can select the dropdown labeled Apply to: and select either All Registrations or select a specific registration option you'd like your design to apply to

NOTE: Only one unique badge design can be created per registration option.

If you create a badge that is set to apply to all registration options, then you make an additional badge design that applies to a specific registration option, the design that is applied to all will now exclude the registration option that has a specific design created.

Auto-fill first and last name

  • Select a text field or add a new one to the design that you would like to auto-fill the registrant name into

  • Once you click on the text field, select the first and last name field(s) from the dropdown that appears on the right

  • You also can have the name field filled with test data so you can see how it will display. Select the Use sample data dropdown in the bottom right corner.

Auto-Fill Additional Fields

  • Similar to the name field, you can select a text field or add a new one to the design

  • Click on the text field and a new dropdown will appear on the right. Click into that to select what data you'd like to fill into that text field

Customize text, color, and images

  • Click onto a text field to view the various editing options

  • You can customize the font, placement, transparency, size, spacing, shadow, highlights, etc

Customize the Background

  • Set the background as a color or gradient and adjust the transparency

  • Or, you can upload or even search for an image from the available image gallery

  • Adjust the placement, order, brightness, contrast, transparency, etc of your image so it is just as you'd like

Add an image or logo

  • Upload an image and you can drag and drop to re-arrange any of the elements on your badge

  • Adjust the size and format of your logo or image

NOTE: When customizing your badge(s), we recommend not deleting the QR code from the design.

Once you have saved your badge, it will display the name, size and what registration option it is set to apply to.

Printing Your Badges

NOTE: If you'd like to print test badges to see how your design will look - The badges will auto-fill with sample data. Or, If you have already accepted registrations through your page, the registration data from the last 5 registrants will be auto-filled.

Renting a Zebra Printer

If you are interested in renting a Zebra printer, we recommend doing so from Choose2Rent. Using this link will ensure you receive our affiliate pricing.

Purchasing a Zebra Printer

You are welcome to purchase a Zebra printer from the provider of your choice. To make things easy, here is a link to a compatible Zebra printer on Amazon.

Purchase Fan Fold Badges

You are welcome to purchase badge stock from any provider you wish. Here is just one example of where you can purchase a compatible option.

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