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Password protect or restrict access to your page
Password protect or restrict access to your page

Make your registration page private. Only grant access to people who have the password.

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Restricting access to your page might be desired when doing an early access sale or if you want to hand pick who is allowed to register (in which case you might also consider using Pre-Registration), etc.

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Enable Password | Restrict Access

  • From the Pages screen click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to restrict access on

  • Hover your mouse over the Settings dropdown

  • Select Restrict Access

  • Toggle the Restrict Access to Yes (it should turn green)

Set your password + message

Enter your desired password into the Password field

NOTE: The password field is case sensitive and can have letters, numbers, symbols and spaces

Include a custom message that will display on your page when interested registrants visit it.

Preview the Registrant Experience

Registrants who arrive on your page while it is password protected will see "Registration requires a password" and then your custom message below with a box where they can enter their password and click Submit. If the password is entered correctly, they will be granted instance access to the page.

If they enter a wrong password to access your page, they will be given the error message of, "Oops... The password you entered is incorrect" as shown below.


Q: My page is password protected. Why can't I see it when Previewing my page?

A: The Password protection or Restrict Access to a page is unable to be viewed in Preview Mode. It will only show and restrict access on a live published page.

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