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Add a navigation bar and help links to your page
Add a navigation bar and help links to your page

Make it easy for your registrants to access important links, contact information, resend their confirmation, login to their account and more

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It is common practice for websites to have a navigation bar at the top that helps people navigate to places and information they desire. Take our website for example:

Your RegFox page is no different. Include a Navigation Bar and/or Help Navigation Bar on your page.

Your Help Navigation Bar displays at the very top of your page above the header image and can include:

  • Resend confirmation email

  • Transfer registration

  • Login to registrant account center

  • Contact information

  • Display lodging & hotel options

Navigation Bar displays below the header image and can include:

  • Anchor links - Registrants can click to skip down to portions of your registration page

  • Custom links - Link out to anything you find valuable such as back to your main website

Enable custom navigation + anchor links

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to add navigation links to

  • Hover your mouse over the first field at the top your page (the header image) and click the pencil to edit

  • Scroll down and toggle the Show Navigation to on (it will turn green)

Add and customize navigation + anchor links

  • Customize the font size, color, styling and background color

  • Click Add Link + to add your links and set whether it is an anchor link or external link

  • If an Anchor Link, give it a label and select which section you'd like it to drop people down to on your page

  • Click Done and then Save and Publish your changes

Here is how your registrations can view and click Anchor links in your navigation bar:

Add Help Navigation

  • Once you have click the pencil icon on the header image, scroll down in that pop up window and toggle Show Help Navigation on (the toggle will turn green)

  • Customize the link and background colors

  • Check the boxes next to any of the help navigation items you'd like to have displayed such as Resend Confirmation, Transfer My Registration, Login, Contact or Lodging & Hotel

  • Click Done and then Save and Publish your changes

Add link to login to Registrant Account Center

  • Check the Login box to show the login link that allows registrants to login

  • You also can choose to allow customers to use saved billing information at checkout. This will save their billing information for quick checkouts in the future.

Add contact information

Checking the box to add contact information will display a text field where you can provide contact details on how you would like your registrants to get in touch.

Display Lodging & Hotel information

Our Stay22 feature allows you to include instructions for specific hotel and lodging options associated with your event. You also can generate an interactive map of available rooms and hotels near your event.

Enabling Lodging & Hotel info will automatically pull in available Hotel Rooms and AirB&Bs in the area onto the page and confirmation.

Here is how your Help Navigation Bar can be used by Registrants:

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