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Send event reminder emails

Resend confirmation emails to all of your registrants prior to your event. Even include a custom message or updates

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Creating a Scheduled Reminder Email allows you send an email to all your registrants leading up to the event. This email can include a custom message with any additional information you may want to provide and their confirmation details. Set the date and time you'd like for this email to send. This allows confirmations to be at the top of your registrants' inboxes for easy access when arriving to your event.

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  • Getting Started

  • Set a Date + Time to Send

  • Receive a Summary of Recipients

  • Craft the email message

  • View + Edit Scheduled Emails

  • FAQs

Getting Started

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to add a Scheduled Reminder email to

  • Hover over Emails at the top of your screen

  • Select Scheduled Reminders from the dropdown

  • Click the Create Reminder Email button

Setting the Send Date and Time

You can schedule for your Reminder Email to send 24, 48 or 72 hours prior to the start of your event. Or, you can set a custom date and time you'd like for the Reminder Email to send. For example, maybe 4 hours prior to your event start time.

NOTE: The 24, 48 and 72 hour send times are based on the date and time you have set under Settings -> Dates -> Event Start Date.

To edit your page's Event Start Date...

  • Close out of the Scheduled Reminder screen

  • Hover your mouse over Settings at the top of your screen

  • Select Dates

  • Edit the Event Start Date and/or time.

Note: Schedule Reminders can only be scheduled to sent before the Event Start Date and time. They are unable to be scheduled for after the Event Start Date and Time.

Summary Email

  • Enter an email address you would like a receipt to be sent to once the Reminder Email is sent.

  • This email will include the date and time of the event along with the date and time the Reminder Email was sent and how many recipients were sent the Reminder Email.


Sample Summary Email

Set the Email Subject, From Name, Reply to Email

  • Enter what you would like the subject line of the Reminder Email to be

  • Enter the Name you'd like the email to be coming from

  • Enter the Reply to Email address in case your registrants have any questions

Enter the Message Body

  • A custom message can be included above the original registration details in the Reminder Email

  • Use any of the available formatting options to customize your message

  • Click the Save button and it will schedule your message

Sample Reminder Email

View + Edit Scheduled Reminders

  • Scheduled Reminders are able to be viewed and edited up until they send but cannot be edited once sent

  • Click the pencil icon next to the Scheduled Reminder you'd like to view or edit

Completed Scheduled Reminders

  • Sent Scheduled reminders are able to be viewed by click on Completed Reminders

  • Sent Scheduled reminders are no longer able to be edited, but they can be viewed


Q: Can I test out scheduled reminders?

A: Currently scheduled reminders can't be tested

Q: Is there a size limit to Scheduled Reminder Email?s

A: There's a 64KB size limit for all confirmation emails which includes the scheduled reminder and other confirmation emails all in one.

Q: Can I send an email to my registrants once my event is over?

A: You bet! Emails can be sent to registrants after your event by using our communication center

Q: Can I copy a Scheduled Reminder Email?

A: You currently are not able to copy a Scheduled Reminder Email. You'd simply want to create a new one from scratch. You could always copy and paste the previous email's content into a new reminder.

Q: When writing my custom message for my Scheduled Reminder Email, do I need to include the ##registrants and ##billing?

A: No, you will not need to add ##registrants or ##billing into the Scheduled Reminder Email as our system automatically includes the associated registration and billing details into the email.

Q: Can I schedule multiple Scheduled Reminder Emails?

A: You bet! You can schedule multiple Scheduled Reminder Emails by clicking the +Add Reminder button and as long as you are scheduling them to send prior to your event start date.

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