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Offer or sell sessions and experiences
Offer or sell sessions and experiences

Display and charge for sessions or experiences your registrants can attend during your event

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Sessions are commonly used for breakout periods in conferences or classes that start at different times during your event. It allows registrants to choose multiple sessions to attend, or limit it to one per time period (since people can only be in one place at one time).

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Add a Sessions field

  • From the Pages screen, click the Pencil icon on the page you'd like to add Sessions to

  • Scroll down and hover your mouse over where you'd like to add the Sessions field

  • Click the plus button and select Sessions from the Financial Information column

Set the sessions field settings

  • Update the label of the field to match your needs ie you might want yours to say Breakout Sessions or Classes

  • Toggle Required to Yes if you'd like to require your registrants to select a session

  • If your sessions include an additional charge, you can toggle Financial Options to Yes and enter the associated prices below

  • If you would like for registrants to make multiple session selections, toggle Multiple Selections to Yes. If this is No, then registrants will only be able to select one session from this field to attend.

Multiple Selections Use Case:

On: Maybe you have repeat sessions that occur throughout the conference and registrants can choose multiple and pick and choose when they'd like to attend each one.

Off: You might turn Multiple Selections off if this sessions field lists all of the sessions available for the 9am breakout session time. Registrants can only be in one place at one time so limiting to one selection would make sense.

Customize your sessions

  • Give your session a name

  • Set the description of the session (under advanced options you can allow the description to pull onto the registrant's confirmation email for future reference)

  • Upload an image that represents your session

  • Set the price if you have financial options turned on

  • Set any remaining inventory (under advanced options you can set to show remaining supply)

  • Click the +Add Session button to add additional sessions to this field

Sessions on the confirmation

The sessions will appear on people's confirmation. You can either have it just be the session title or, you can include the description in the confirmation as well (that can be toggled on under Advanced Options). Both examples are below. It is important to make your title descriptive with the name of the session and the time it takes place (if applicable) so people have the necessary specifics.

Without the description pulling into the confirmation.

With the description pulling into the confirmation.


Q: How do I update the button text in my sessions field?

A: Under Advanced Options in the sessions field, you can update the Button Text. By default it reads, "Attend This Session". But let's say you are actually doing classes, you could update the button text to read, "Attend This Class"

Q: How do I hide the image placeholders in my session field?

A: Under Advanced Options in the Sessions field, you can toggle Hide Images to Yes.

Q: Can I use the check-in app to check people into sessions?

A: You can watch this video to see how you can use the check-in app to check people into sessions.

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