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Automatically increase price after a certain date
Automatically increase price after a certain date

Setup automatic adjustments per registration option or option on your page based on specific dates or date windows

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Putting on events is no easy feat! Let our actions lighten your load by handling your automatic price increases. Simply set them and forget them. Our system will take care of the rest!

Sample use case: Maybe you'd like to offer early bird pricing. So you have your registration options set to a lower price now, but on a future date and time you'd like them to automatically increase by a percentage or dollar amount.

Here is how to setup automatic price increases using actions:

Navigate to the Actions

  • From the Pages screen click the pencil icon on the page you’d like to add an action to to increase price

  • Click the Actions tab from the top menu bar

  • Click Create Your First Action (or click the plus button to add an additional action)

Set the Trigger

  • Click the Trigger dropdown and select Date (This the calendar day that you'd like prices to increase)

  • Then select Is After

  • Select the Date and Time you'd like the price to increase

Set the Action

  • On the right side select Increase Price from the Actions dropdown

  • Set the amount you'd like the price to increase by (this can be either a percentage or fixed dollar amount)

  • Then choose the registration option(s) or field(s) you'd like the price increase action to apply to

Save and Publish changes

  • Click the Save Action button

  • Click the Publish button to set your changes live

💡Tip: You might consider utilizing our Communication Center to schedule an email to send out to encourage people to register before prices increase.

Well done. Now treat yourself with some 🍦 or take a break. You no longer need to worry about managing price increases. ✅

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