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Change the web URL of your registration page

How to edit the website address of a registration page for your event

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If you are in need of editing the URL for your registration page, we will walk you through how to do so, as well as a few tips and warnings.

Editing a URL is not common. But when it happens, it is often due to correcting a typo or shortening the URL. For example, maybe this was the original URL:

and the desire is to shorten it to be this:

Navigate to Basic Setup

  • From the Pages screen click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to edit the URL on

  • Hover your mouse over the Settings tab

  • Select Basic Setup from the dropdown

  • Click into the Page URL field to update the URL

  • Click the Save Now button and Publish your changes to set them live

NOTE: If you have already accepted registrations through the original URL, that original URL will auto-redirect to the new URL.

If you have not accepted any registrations through the original URL, it will give an error when people go to it.

So if you have not promoted the original URL anywhere, no need to worry. But if you have promoted the original URL, simply place a registration through it before changing the URL so it will auto-redirect to the new URL.

Locate your URL

After Publishing

After publishing, you can copy the URL

​From the Pages screen

From the Pages screen, if your page has been Published, you can click the up arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your page to launch the live URL and copy it

From your page builder

Or, edit the page you'd like to locate the URL for

Click View Published


Can I remove RegFox from the URL?

Yes, if you'd like to have RegFox removed from your page URL you can reach out to our team about getting a custom domain setup.

Is there one URL that links to all my pages?

Each page has it's own custom URL. Our clients use their website or social media pages as the landing page for their events.

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