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Limit event capacity by registration option
Limit event capacity by registration option

Set a capacity limit for your your overall event or set capacities by registration option

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Your RegFox page provides multiple ways to set limits on capacity based on your needs. We'll walk you through those in this article.

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Set an overall event capacity

Set a limited supply per registration option

Publicly display limited inventory

Set an overall event capacity

This overall event capacity will apply across all registration options in the registration options field. All of your registration options combined won't be able to sell more than the Limit Capacity that is set.

Registration Options will show as sold out across all options once this overall Capacity Limit is reached, even if an individual registration option still has capacity.

How to set overall event capacity:

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to set a capacity for

  • Hover your mouse over the Registration Options field and click the pencil icon to edit the field

  • Toggle the Limit Capacity to Yes and enter the total event capacity

Set a Limited Supply per registration option

Each individual ticket level is able to have it's own supply limit set. When an individual ticket level's supply limit is reached, it will show sold out.

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to set a registration option capacity for

  • Hover your mouse over the Registration Options field and click the pencil icon

  • Toggle the Limited Supply to Yes under the registration option you'd like to set a max supply limit for.

Sample use case: Some people may set limits on some registration options and not others. For example, their Adult Registration might be unlimited, but they for sure can't sell more than 100 children registrations because they only offer a limited amount of childcare coverage.

Or, maybe a conference room holds a max of 500 total seats and they can only sell a max of 100 Corporate Registrations. So they set the Event Capacity Limit to 500 and Corporate to 100 and leave General Admission open.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: If your preference is to hide a registration option the moment it sells out, you can create an action to do so. Although some event organizers prefer to keep it displaying so prospective registrants don't wonder where the option level and it can drive urgency to buy another option before it sells out.

Publicly display remaining inventory

The remaining supply for any given registration option can be publicly displayed at anytime once the supply limit is set.

Sample use case: Event promoters will often enable this option once the remaining supply begins dwindling. Showing the limited amount remaining helps drive urgency to purchase.


Can I adjust my capacity after an option is sold out?

Yes, you can increase your available capacity on a registration option anytime. Simply save and publish to push that change to the live page.

Can I set a capacity after I already started selling registrations?

Yes, you can set a capacity after registration have already been sold. The system will take into account registrations that have already been sold.

Should I set both types of capacity in my field?

Both the event capacity as well as individual registration option capacity can be set. Although it is most common that people do one or the other.

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