Create affiliate (or tracking) links

Create a unique URL for each of your affiliates to share when promoting your event

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This feature is designed to provide a way to share unique URLs to your page that will secretly track the source and origination of the registration. This may be commonly referred to as affiliate link tracking or promo link tracking. You give a reference name for the link and a short code tracker, and the system provides a copy-paste of the URL to share with the code in the URL. When shared, these links will preserve the code and reference in a hidden way that is presented on export.

Navigate to Tracking Links

  • From the Pages screen click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to add tracking links to

  • Click the Promote tab

  • Select Tracking Links from the dropdown

  • Click the Create Tracking Link button

💡Tip: The name is often the name of the promoter or simply a name you'd like to apply to this tracking link. This will show in reports.

Customize, copy, edit or delete the tracking link

  • Enter a name associated with the Tracking Link (for internal reporting purposes)

  • Enter the code you'd like to use for this tracking link and click Create Link

  • Click the Save button

  • Then you can click the copy icon next to the tracking link you created, or the pencil to edit or the trash can to delete

  • Click the Create Tracking Link button to create an additional tracking link. You can create as many as you need.

💡 Tips 💡

Name - Is often the name of the promoter or simply a name you'd like to apply to this tracking link. This will show in reports.

Code - Will be appended to the end of your page URL for all to see. It also will appear in reports. For example, if my code is 1051, the URL might look like this:

Note: If the page is not published yet, only the code syntax is displayed. Publishing will give the full URL

⚠️Warning: Deleting a tracking link will also delete the associated data


Q: Do you display tracking link data in the report summary?

A: Currently the only way to view tracking link data is to run an export. In the future we hope to include it in the report summary.

Q: Is it possible to edit, apply, or remove a tracking link associated with an existing registration?

A: Tracking links are only able to be applied to the original registration at the time of purchase. They are unable to be added or removed from a registration after the fact.

Q: Do tracking links track website views and traffic?

A: Tracking links don't currently track website views, but we do intend to add that functionality in the future.

Q: Can the system directly payout affiliates using my tracking links?

A: Tracking links don't directly payout affiliates. You would want to handle that outside of RegFox.

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