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Add or update billing information and view and print invoices
Add or update billing information and view and print invoices

Change your card on file for future invoices or see a breakdown of past ones

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Learn how to add or update the card on file and view and print invoices.

If you are using our in-house payment processor, Webconnex Payments, the registration fees will be deducted prior to the payout taking place, so a card on file is not necessary to capture registration fees. But, if you are using a custom payment processor or if you are collecting offline payments, or using any of the add-on features such as Communication Center, Text Messaging, etc, a card on file will be needed in order to bill for those items.

When you have a card on file, it will be billed once every 30 days for any outstanding charges.

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Add or update billing information

  • From the Pages screen, hover your mouse over the Gear icon in the upper right corner of your account

  • Select Plans & Billing from the dropdown

  • Click Add Payment Method to add a new card on file, or click the pencil icon to update billing (if you already have one on file)

  • Enter your new billing info and click Save

View and print invoices

  • From the Pages screen, hover your mouse over the gear icon in the top right corner

  • Select Invoices from the dropdown

  • Click the eye icon to the right of the invoice you wish to view

  • Click Print Invoice or just browse the details of the invoice displayed

Sample invoice details

Your detailed RegFox invoices will include the invoice number, the date the invoice was billed and the invoice amount.

Invoice Details

Under Invoice Details it will show the payment method used, whose card it was, the date range the invoice was for.

It too will display your plan information, the date of the next invoice and our RegFox company details.

Billing Summary

The Billing Summary included in the invoice will show a breakdown of the fees charged based on the various features you might have utilized during that billing period. Items such as per registrant fees, monthly text messaging, any activation, communication center or offline payment fees, etc.

Fee Summary

The Fee Summary section of your invoice will show a breakdown of registrations by page as well as the registration and transaction fees during that billing period.

Invoice Statuses

Completed - An invoice has been successfully paid

Declined - If the card on file declines, the invoice will have a Declined status. If the invoice is not successfully paid by the time the next month's invoice is run, the status will update to be Forwarded as the amount due will rollup to the next month's invoice total.

Forwarded - An invoice that declined and the amount due forwarded to the next month's invoice amount due. Forwarded invoices can appear multiple months in a row until it is finally successfully paid.

Sample invoice page where an invoice was forwarded

Once a declined and forwarded invoice is finally paid, the details page of the invoice will show a hyperlink to the invoice where it was finally paid.

When your card on file declines, you will see a Payment declined. Please update your payment method banner at the top of your screen. We recommend doing this right away as your account will become locked for lack of payment.

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