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Setup, schedule, edit and delete Memorized Reports
Setup, schedule, edit and delete Memorized Reports

Create and schedule a report to email to your inbox on a specific date or on a recurring interval, saving you and your team tons of time

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Memorized reports are an incredible time saver! Memorized Reports allow you to configure and save a report so you can quickly and easily select it in the future. This saves you from having to recreate the report each time you want to run it in the future.

A Memorized Report can also be scheduled to emailed to you or your accountant or anyone else on a given date or on a recurring basis. Even have the report only send new records since the last report was sent.

Here is how you can do the following:

Get started with memorized reports

  • From the Pages screen, hover your mouse over Reports in the top navigation bar

  • Select Exporter from the dropdown

  • Select whichever report you'd like to setup a memorized report for (in this example we'll do an Registrant Data report)

Configure your memorized report

  • Select the page or pages you'd like to be included in this memorized report

  • Select which field(s) you'd like to be included in the memorized report

  • Click the arrow pointing to the right to move the desired fields to the box on the right. These fields will be the ones that will be included in the export

  • Select any other settings you'd like to set such as date range to pull the data from (by default it will pull all time) or file type you'd like it exported as, etc

  • Click the Memorize This Report link

Schedule your memorized report

  • Give your memorized report a name

  • If you'd like for your memorized report to email on a specific date or recurring basis, toggle Auto Schedule Report to Yes

  • Set either the specific date for the report to send, or set a recurring schedule. A memorized report can be sent on a daily, weekly (on Mondays or Fridays), Bi monthly (1st and 15th of the month) or Monthly (on the 1st of each month) schedule

  • Enter the email address you would like this memorized report to be sent to NOTE: You can list multiple email addresses here by separating them with a comma

  • If you'd like only new records, meaning only new registrations that have occurred since the last report was sent, you can toggle Only Send New Records to Yes (otherwise it will send all of the registrations)

NOTE: The email will contain a link to download the report. The link will expire after 72 hours.

Edit or delete a memorized report

  • From the Pages screen, hover your mouse over Reports

  • Select Exporter from the dropdown

  • Select the export type you have the memorized report setup under that you'd like to edit (in this example we will go to the Registrant Data report)

  • Click Load Memorized Reports

  • Select the memorized report from the dropdown list

  • Click the trash can next to the memorized report to stop and delete it

  • Or, click the pencil icon next to the memorized report you'd like to edit

  • Make your edits. For example, you can add/remove fields, update report settings, add/remove email addresses, update the recurring schedule, etc.

  • When done making your edits, click Update Memorized Report, or you can select to Save as a New Memorized Report


Q: Why didn't I receive my memorized report?

A: If you didn't receive a memorized report, we recommend checking the following:

  • Confirm the email is correct and that it didn't land in your junk/spam inbox

  • Make sure you didn't leave any spaces before or after multiple emails on the list

  • Make sure the report is sending data for an active page, especially if the option for only new records is selected

  • If the report was edited within 8 hours of the time it sends, it will skip the first time. This is because reports are sent in batches. But no worries! It will send the next round.

  • If you have it set to only send for new orders, double check that you received new orders since the last time you received a report

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