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Run reports to see how your affiliates are performing
Run reports to see how your affiliates are performing

See which affiliates have sold the most registrations by viewing tracking link usage

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If you would like to see how each affiliate is performing, you can run a report to view tracking link data. You can see the transaction amount, purchase details, etc associated with each registration.

Here is how:

  • From the Pages screen select the Reports tab

  • Select Exporter from the menu

  • Select the Registrant Data export

  • Choose the page you'd like to see tracking link data for

  • Select the field(s) you'd like to include in the export (TIP: On a mac hold cmd to select multiple fields)

  • Press the right arrow to move the selected fields over to be exported

  • Click the Download button

  • You will see the Tracking / Promo Code column along with the associated registration details you exported

๐Ÿ’กPro Tip: You can always save this report and even set it as a Memorized report that can automatically email to you daily, weekly or monthly on your desired schedule. Learn more here.

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