Resend a confirmation email

If a registrant loses their confirmation email, you can easily resend it AND you can empower the registrant to resend their own

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If a registrant contacts you requesting for their confirmation to be resent, we'll walk you through how to do so. Also, if you wish to schedule out to have all of your registrants' confirmations resent, be sure to check out how to setup a Scheduled Reminder here.

Lastly, you also can enable Resend Confirmation email on the navigation bar of your page (if not already enabled).

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Resend a Confirmation Email

To resend a registrant's confirmation email, follow these steps:

  • From the Pages screen, select Registrations from the top menu bar in your account

  • Search for the registrant's name

  • Click the eye icon to the right of their registration

  • Click Resend Email

  • Click Send

NOTE: If the registrant is requesting for you to resend the confirmation to an email other than what is listed in their registration, we just recommend doing so with caution. Confirm their identity prior to sending to a different email to help prevent any social engineering or nefarious requests.

Note: Resending confirmation emails is free. There is no additional charge to do so.

Enable Resend Confirmation on the Nav Bar

You can enable a Resend Confirmation link at the top of your registration page where any registrant can go to enter their email to have their confirmation resent. Here is how:

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to enable the Resend Confirmation for

  • Click the pencil on the header image

  • Scroll down and enable Show Help Nav (if it isn't already enabled)

  • Check the box for Resend Confirmation

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