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Offer an event app for your attendees (beta feature)
Offer an event app for your attendees (beta feature)

Enhance your experience with the Engage attendee app. It provides info and a point of connection for your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors

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Congratulations to those of you who joined our beta set of our Engage by RegFox attendee app. This app helps you level up. your event experience!

The Engage event app is designed to give your attendees easy access to all the important details about your event. The app includes schedules, location information, session descriptions, attendee directory, sponsor listings, exhibitors, and more.

Since attendee engagement is so important at your event, we have made building connections and exchanging contacts incredibly easy. Our lead retrieval functionality allows your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to quickly exchange information with each other in seconds by scanning each other's QR codes straight from the app.

The Engage event app is designed to increase engagement for your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. Better engagement means your attendees will have a better experience and will be dying to come back to your next event. Learn how to setup and use the app below.

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Getting started with Engage Attendee App

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to enable the Engage Attendee app on

  • Select Attendee App from the top menu bar

  • Click the Start Using Attendee App button

NOTE: This feature is currently in beta and only released to a specific set of customers. If you are part of that set, reach out to our team to have it enabled in your account. If not, get excited because it will be released to the rest of our customer base soon! In the meantime, we invite you to browse this article to see what will be possible for you in the near future!

Engage attendee app basic setup

  • On the Basic Setup tab click Upload New Image to select the logo you'd like to appear in the attendee app

  • Click the link to download the app to your iPhone (Android coming soon)

  • Use the text editor field to customize your welcome message attendees will see.

  • Select whether you'd like Upcoming sessions, Sponsors and/or Exhibitors to show in the app. By default these are all enabled.

Add a Schedule to Engage Attendee App

  • Click the Schedule tab on the left and click the Add Session button

  • Select the session type from the large list of options such as Main Session, Breakout Session, Cocktail Hour, Lunch Break, Blocks of time, etc.

  • Once you select a session type, you can customize the session's:

    • Title

    • Date

    • Start time and end time

    • Update the session type if needed

    • Customize the session description

    • Upload an image

    • Set a capacity

    • Limit the selection of this session by registration options or sessions the registrant selected when registering

    • Select if a sponsor is sponsoring this session

    • Add any additional links or embeds along with this session

  • Click the Save button

Session Advanced Options

  • You can click Advanced Options in a Sessions field to do the following:

    • Auto-add the session to every attendee's personalized schedule. This can be toggled on or off. If you have set a capacity for this section, you'll want to clear out the capacity in order to enable the Auto-add

    • Related Sessions - If you have other sessions that are offered that are related to this one, you can list them in the Related Sessions field

    • Replay - If after your event you'd like to paste in a link to a recording of the sessions that your attendees can reference back to to rewatch, that can be pasted in here.

    • You also can click the Delete Session trash can if you'd like to fully delete the session

    • Click the Save button

Add Sponsors and Exhibitors

What's the difference between sponsors and exhibitors?

  • Sponsors are given a priority placement on the welcome screen, and can sponsor sessions within the schedule

  • Exhibitors have a smaller placement on the welcome screen and cannot sponsor sessions

  • Both sponsors and exhibitors can create a profile and can collect (and download) leads through their profile or by scanning attendee QR codes at your event

  • Click on the Sponsors & Exhibitors tab

  • Click the Add Company button

  • Enter the company name and check whether they are a sponsor, exhibitor or both

  • Enter the first and last name and email address of the person who will be managing the sponsor or exhibitor company profile. You can add additional company representatives to edit the profile as well

  • Click continue to enter any additional profile in formation you have for that company and click Save

  • The company representatives will receive an invite email where they can access the profile to make edits and download their lead lists

NOTE: You'll want to make sure your page has been published before adding sponsors and exhibitors to your Attendee App. If you added sponsors and exhibitors prior to publishing, you'll want to delete and re-add them in order for them to receive their invite email.

Here is how sponsors and exhibitors will display on the welcome screen as well as how sponsors will display on sponsored sessions.


What iOs do I need to download the Engage app?

The minimum iOs requirement to download the Engage app on your apple device is iOs 16.

What if I mistyped a sponsor or exhibitor email when I added them as an editor?

If you mistyped a sponsor or exhibitor email when adding them as an editor, you can simply delete and re-add them with the correctly spelt email.

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