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Use the same coupon code for multiple events

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This article will show you how to create a coupon that can apply to any page in your account.

Note - If you make a coupon global from a page, you can not undo.

Create a Global Coupon

You can create global coupons for your event under the Reports tab in your account.

Click the "Add Coupon" button in the top right hand corner.

Fill out the needed information for the coupon:

  • Description: Just a description for your reference

  • Code: Actual Code given to customers that is used for their discounts.

  • Discount: Can be a fixed amount or percentage

  • Usage Limit: How many times it can be used. By default it is unlimited unless you change it.

  • Expiration: You can set the expiration date/time of the code.

  • Apply Coupon on Deposits: Only applies if you are using our deposit feature.

Then click save.

Your new coupon will now display in the Global Coupons table.


How does a global coupon differ from a traditional coupon?

Global coupons are created, managed, and reported in the same manner as a traditional coupon. The only difference is that a traditional coupon can only be used on the page it is linked to.

Find more on setting up event specific coupons here!

If I make a global coupon, can I revert it back to a traditional coupon?

Once you make a coupon into a global coupon, this cannot be undone.

Where does a customer apply a global coupon?

The global coupon is applied in the coupon code field of your page.

Why do I need to select a currency?

USD coupons can only apply to USD pages and so on. So if you have multiple pages in different currencies, you will need to make coupons in those currencies.

What timezone is the global coupon expiration date/time set to?

The account's organization timezone set in the Org Settings of your Account.

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