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Peer to Peer Fundraising

How Do I Setup A Crowdsourcing Page with RegFox?

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Peer to Peer Fundraising is a feature that allows you to use a RegFox page to fundraise, and unite others to fundraise, for your cause. 

This article will cover... 

  • Creating a Peer to Peer Fundraising Page

  • How Supporters Create Their Fundraisers 

  • Managing Individual Fundraisers

  • How A Supporter Can Edit Their Page

  • Reporting & Analytics 

  • FAQs

Creating A Peer to Peer Fundraising Page

Begin by creating a new page. 

Plug in your event details. Select Peer to Peer Fundraising as your Page Type.

Note: Choose In-person versus Virtual Event.

The next step is to customize your page! Use the Design Settings and click the pencil icon to edit. 

You can use the design elements - a logo, background image, colors and fonts - to make it memorable for supporters. 

Note: The page builder will populate with dummy data as you work. The published page will reflect the accurate numbers.  

Once you've customized the page, hit Publish to launch your cause! 

If this is your first page, you'll be asked to set up a payment gateway. This provides the needed details to deposit the funds you raise into your bank account. 

Nice work! Now your page is live and ready to accept donations!

How Supporters Create Their Fundraisers

If a Supporter would like to fundraise on your behalf, they have the option to create their own fundraiser or sub-page. 

They can select Fundraise For This Cause at the top of your live page. 

On the sign-up page, the Supporter can... 

  • Set their own fundraising goal (Or you can lock this goal in as the organizer) 

  • Add their own story

  • Add a custom thank you 

  • Upload a profile picture 

  • Upload their own photos/videos 

Note: They must use a legitimate email address to verify their page. 

Once they've completed the sign up details, they can select Create Your Page to launch their sub-page. 

The page will appear in a pending status until they verify their email, the link to do so will be in their inbox shortly after account creation. Once verified, the page will appear on on the main giving page. 

Managing Individual Fundraisers 

Select Fundraisers to view the Supporters who have created sub-pages for your cause. 

As the organizer, you'll have the options to... 

  • Edit or delete pages

  • Remove profile or gallery images 

  • Edit custom wording

  • Disable a supporter page

Fundraiser Statuses

Active: Page is created, confirmed and able to accept donations.
Pending: Page is created but the email is not confirmed by the Supporter. In this state, the page will not appear on the master page; however, donations can still be accepted.
Disabled: Page is disabled by the organizer. The old page link will automatically redirect to the Master Page link.

How A Supporter Can Edit Their Page

Start At Your Peer To Peer Fundraising Page and Select Login

Enter your email address and select Send Login Link

Go To Your Inbox and look for an Email with the Subject: Webconnex Link Login and select the link in the email

Select Edit My Page

Edit your information, this is a list of the information that can be edited:

  • Name

  • Goal Amount (if your Fundraiser allows you to edit this)

  • Your Story

  • Thank You Message

  • Fundraising Deadline

  • Time Zone

  • Photos

  • Video URL

Select Update Your Page to commit your changes

Select Logout to close out of the Editor

Reporting & Analytics 


Each fundraiser is automatically assigned a fund ID. You can export and sort by Fund or Fundraiser Name in your transaction export. 


The page summary and analytics page will display the total of donations from the main and supporter pages combined.


If a supporter incorrectly enters their email when signing up, how can they verify their page?

 You can disable the old page in your page builder under Fundraisers, and the supporter can create a new page under the correct information.  

Will updating the fundraising deadline change the sub-pages? 

It will not update on current subpages, only new ones. 

What are the suggested image sizes for Peer to Peer pages? 

The images will automatically resize but the best gallery dimensions are 700x415 and 200x200 for profile pictures.

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