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Add A Refund Policy To Your Page
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If you have a refund policy, there are several ways you can add it to a RegFox page. This article will cover 3 options... 

  • Terms & Conditions Field 

  • Checkbox Field

  • Paragraph Text Field  

Terms & Conditions Field

The most popular option is the Terms & Conditions Field, where Registrants will agree to Terms & Conditions before checking out. 

Click here to view the steps for set up. 

Checkbox Field

A slightly simpler option, that still requires Registrants to agree, is the Checkbox Field. 

Begin by adding a Checkbox Field to your page. 

Use the Label and Description to add the specifics for your refund policy.

We recommend requiring this field, which means the registrant will have to check the box to complete their registration. 

For this purpose, we also recommend leaving the Checked and Financial Options off. Hit done to save your changes and add this field to your page. 

Paragraph Text Field

Another option that does not require registrants to participate is the Paragraph Text Field. You can add a line of text to your page header, body, or footer to state your refund policy.

Hover over the portion of your page where you'd like to add the text and hit the plus icon.  

Select the paragraph text field and use the editor to add your refund policy.

Hit done to save your changes and add this field to your page. 

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