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Customize the look and feel of your registration page

How to customize and style the design of your registration page to match your brand or website

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Take your page to the next level by customizing fonts, images, logos, and overall theme to make your website look as awesome as your brand!

This article will cover:

  • Basic Branding for your form!

  • The Design Settings navigation tool

What makes up branding?

Top logo or header, font families, colors, inside color, outside color, background images, and banners.

Start in the Page Builder

Logo or Header

Add a logo or header to your form by editing the very top of your page.  

Note: Suggested image sizes

  • Logo at most 215 pixels tall (Logos will be resized to a maximum height of 215 pixels)

  • Header 1100 pixels wide not full width, 2000 pixels full width.


Step one: Select the plus icon on the dotted line at top of the page builder.

Step two: Choose to add an image or color background. Text can go here as well. 

Font Families

Design Settings 

Design Settings allows you to change the font, text size, colors and more on your form page! This video will cover the full functionality of the design settings tool.


What is the difference between a Logo and a Header?

A logo is a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products or services. A header is fit for a larger image that contains the title of the event or name of the organization or a simple graphic image.

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