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Use Member Manager with registration

How the Member Manager feature works and how to use it with event registration

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You can use Membership Manager to create, track, charge and renew members. You can also partner this feature with our actions to offer verified discounts for members.

This help article contains:

Membership Overview:

This Video covers a high level overview of our Membership Feature:

  • Setting up a Membership

  • Creating Membership levels

  • Registrant's Experience

Feel free to use the video chapters to jump ahead as needed.

Actions for Memberships

To apply a discount to a membership, create an action to select a certain registration option.

Editing Membership Information

When you start to have members, you can view and edit their information as needed.

To view your membership information, click "Memberships" under the "Reports" tab:

To edit a member, click View to view the Membership Details of a specific Member:

Click Edit in the top right hand corner of the Membership Details:

What you can edit:

  • Name & Email: the Name and Email is tied to the linked registration. When you edit the linked registrant's Name and Email, it will update the membership's name and email.

  • Membership Level: Changing the membership level on before renewal will not refund or charge the financial difference between the two levels until the membership renews charing the updated level's rate.

  • Membership ID: You can override our membership ID and assign your own to the member.

  • Status: Allows you to turn your member from expired to active, or from active to inactive.

  • Expiration Date: Allows you to update the renewal date to another date in the future.

  • Auto-Renew: Allows you to disable or enable auto-renew

Updating Membership Payment Information:

Update the member's payment information anytime before renewal by clicking the Update Payment Method on the Membership Details:

If the Membership has Expired due to a declined payment. You can update the Payment Method and Re-run the newly added billing information, to renew the membership and capture your membership fees:

Export Membership Information

You can download your membership information into a csv as needed.

Go to your Memberships under Reports:

Click on "Export" on the top right hand corner of the Membership Table:

*Note: You can also export Membership Information from the "Exporter" under the Reports Tab.

Importing Membership Information

You can import new members by uploading a CSV file.

Be sure to follow the template exactly. Click here to download the template.

If this is your first upload, choose the first option Create new members only.

If this is a subsequent upload, choose the second option Create new members and update based on your Member ID, and make sure that your Member IDs match your previous upload.

FAQs & Need to Knows:

  • Renewal frequencies can be set at monthly, bi-yearly, or annually. There are no lifetime memberships.

  • Changing the level on a membership will not charge or refund the difference until the membership renewals at the updated level's rate.

  • Membership transactions are connected to a page. Transactions are not visible if the page is deleted.

  • Membership Manager is only compatible with one currency at a time, the pages don't support Membership sales with levels or pages priced in different currencies.

Common questions:

When do the membership updates/renewals run? 

Membership updates run every day between 4-5pm PST. 24 hours prior to running, our system scans for any upcoming expirations to see if auto-renew is enabled. If auto-renew was disabled during the initial membership, but is enabled prior to the 24 hour window, then that membership will auto-renew. 

Can I renew a Membership not set to auto-renew?

Yes, when a membership not set to auto-renew expires, you have the ability to manually renew that membership which will charge the current card on file.

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