Printing Badges (Avery Templates)

How Can I Print Badges?

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Select Badges from your Extras menu. 

There are two options for badge printing - Dymo onsite printing and Avery batch printing. 

In this example, we will demonstrate the Avery batch printing.  

Select the size and shape of your name badge. 

Choose a name badge style. 

Select the page you're printing attendee information from, then use our builder to customize the formatting of the badge. 

When you're satisfied with the layout, confirm you have the correct email listed and click Generate my Print Ready File.

It takes a few minutes for the completed file to send, if you don't receive it check your junk/spam filter for an email from


Will this print all my registrants? 

Badges will print registrants that have a status of completed.

The file (no matter how large) will be formatted in the range of 230px wide and 100px tall. 

It's also worth noting that the badges are smaller and most printers don't have a high DPI (dots per square inch) to print complex logos with high clarity. 

What are my template options? 

Avery #5392 and #5390 for vertical options. Avery #5392 or #5390 for horizontal options.

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