To cancel a registration, select Registrations. 

Select the eye icon next to the order you wish to cancel.

Select Cancel. 

Note: This will open a list of options, it won't automatically cancel the order. 

There's 4 refund options:

Option One: Do not refund. Cancel registrants only. 

Option Two: Issue a full refund and cancel the selected registrant(s). 

The refund will be issued to the card on file.

Option Three: Issue a refund for a partial amount. 

The amount entered will be refunded to the card on file. 

Option Four: Do not refund, but issue a coupon code for future use. 

With this option, the registrant will be emailed a global coupon code that can be redeemed on any of your live pages.

The code will be valid for one use, for the amount set by you with the menu below. The code cannot be split over multiple orders.

If you'd like to send the registrant an email confirmation, select this option. 

You can add a custom note. 

Once you've made your selection, submit with the green button. 

If successful, the status of the order will change from completed to canceled. Any issued refunds will appear in brackets on the order. 

Note: You can issue a full or partial refund without canceling the order. Learn how here.

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