I received a chargeback - What do I do?

Learn what a chargeback is and what to do when and if you receive one

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When processing transactions through Webconnex Payments and you receive a chargeback, the Webconnex Payments team will proactively respond to and fight chargebacks on your behalf.

We already have access to all the pertinent order information collected during purchase. If you happen to have pictures from the event, a sign-in sheet, etc, please provide that to the Webconnex Payments team by emailing chargebacks@webconnexpayments.com.

The typical time from when a dispute is opened until Webconnex Payments knows the verdict is typically 90-120 days.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when the cardholder (your customer) informs their bank that they wish to dispute a transaction. When a cardholder disputes a transaction, your Webconnex Payments account is automatically debited for the disputed amount and credited back to the cardholder’s card.

Why do registrants open a chargeback?

Chargebacks can be opened for a variety of reasons:

  • The cardholder may not recognize the charge

  • The cardholder may be dissatisfied with the product or service received

  • The cardholder may have duplicated the order

  • The cardholder may be contesting the charge as fraudulent

Sometimes, even after a cardholder has agreed to our terms of service during purchase and refund policy, they will call the issuing card company and dispute the charges on the grounds of “Credit Not Processed” or “Goods or Services Not Received” just to see if they can get their money back.

Does Webconnex Payments refund the cardholder for a chargeback?

Webconnex Payements does not refund the cardholder. Chargebacks are not voluntary on our part. When a cardholder disputes a transaction, your Webconnex Payments account is debited for the disputed amount and credited back to the cardholder. This is an involuntary process between the card issuer and our card processor.

Why do credit card companies automatically favor the cardholder? Why don’t they wait until the facts come out before debiting my account?

The credit card companies have adopted this approach to protect the cardholder. This is the standard across the nation and outside of our influence or control.

What happens after the chargeback is filed?

Webconnex Payments contests the chargeback on your behalf. We have access to all the information needed to file a rebuttal to the dispute. We also reach out to the cardholder directly to get any information they might have as to the reason for the dispute, and to remind them what the purchase was for. We have a very high success rate contesting chargebacks. Most of the information regarding the chargeback can be found in this chargeback notification email, specifically the link to the order and the reason the dispute was initiated.

Why am I being charged a $15 chargeback fee?

In addition to your Webconnex Payments account being debited for the amount of the original transaction when a chargeback is opened, you are also assessed a fee. This fee is charged by our credit card processor regardless of the reason for the chargeback or the ultimate outcome, and it is not refunded if we are successful in contesting the chargeback.

How can I prevent future chargebacks?

  • Make sure your registrants can identify your event on their credit card statements. Charges will show up as the first 22 characters of your page name.

  • When admitting registrants to your event, check IDs against credit cards and registrations to cut down significantly on fraud.

  • Keep lines of communication open with your registrants and our customer success team and answer questions promptly.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact our chargebacks team at chargebacks@webconnexpayments.com.

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