Send an SMS Text Reminder Message

Send a SMS text message reminders leading up to or after your event

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Schedule to send SMS Text Message Reminders to your registrants either a day or days prior to or after your event.

Examples of how people might use this feature:

  • Send parking info for an event 1 day before

  • Send a discount code 3 days before your event inviting registrants to bring a friend for 10% off

  • Invite registrants to fill out a post-event survey 2 days after the event

  • Send a link to register for next year's event 1 day after the event

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Create a SMS Reminder Message

  • From the Pages screen, click Text Messaging from the top menu bar

  • Select Reminder Messages on the left side of the screen

  • Click the blue Create Reminder Message button

Customize your message

  • Name your message (this is for internal purposes)

  • Select which page(s) you'd like the message to send to

  • Select if you'd like to limit it to certain registration options (NOTE: This option is only available when sending to one page at a time)

  • Select the number of days before or after your event you'd like to send your message

  • Enter your message and click Save

Once you save your reminder message you can then copy, view, edit, send a test or delete it. Once it is sent you will then only be able to copy or view it.

NOTE: If you chose to send an SMS Reminder Message, you could receive an error if you don't have an event start date set in your page Settings. If you receive this error you'd want to set the event start date and time zone by going to: Settings -> Dates.


What is the pricing to send SMS Reminder Messages?

Reminder messages fall under Text Messaging and share the same pricing model ($0.04/text for Basic; $0.02/text for Super Sender).

How far out can I send SMS Reminder Messages for an event?

SMS Reminder Messages can be scheduled 0-59 days before or after the event date.

Will people receive an SMS Reminder message if they register after I create the message, but before it sends?

Yes, if you were to create a SMS Reminder message today for it to send one week from now, it will send to people who register between today and when it is scheduled to send. The system does a check every 5 mins or so to check for any new orders that fit the criteria.

What phone number are SMS Reminder Messages sent to?

SMS Reminder Messages are sent to the phone number associated with the billing information, not individual registrants.

Why can't I select which registration option I'd like to send the SMS Reminder Message to?

SMS Reminder Messages can only be targeted to specific registration options when one page is selected. It could be that you have selected to send the message to multiple pages in one setup. To target a registration option, setup different messages and select one page per setup.

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