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Commonly asked questions regarding Webconnex Payments

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How do I log into my Webconnex Payments account?

To login to the Webconnex Payments portal, follow these steps:

  • From the Pages screen, hover your mouse over the gear icon in the upper-right-hand corner of your account

  • Select Payment Processors from the dropdown

  • Click View Payments Portal on your Webconnex Payment processor listed

What is the payout frequency?

ACH (direct deposit) payouts will be sent weekly on Wednesdays. Depending on your bank, the deposit will likely be seen in your account on Thursday morning.

What transactions will be included in my payout?

Bank deposits (payouts) take place on Wednesdays. They will include all transactions that settled by Monday night at 11:59pm. The depsoit should be seen in your bank account by Thursday. Timing may vary based on bankng institution.

Can I receive a payout via check instead of direct deposit?

At this time we only offer direct deposit payouts. We may explore check payout options in the future.

What will appear on my bank statement when I receive my payout?

Your bank deposit will show as being deposited from Webconnex Payout.

What will appear on my attendee's bank statements?

The first 22 characters of your page's title will appear on their bank statement. If you update the page title, it will update in real-time for any new transactions moving forward.

Why can't I issue a refund?

There are multiple reasons that might cause an error when trying to issue a refund. But as far as it pertains to Webconnex Payments, it could be that your verification (KYC) process is not completed. You will not be able to issue a refund until verification is completed.

Why can't I login to my Webconnex Payments portal?

A common reason why a user might not be able to login to the Webconnex Payments portal could be if they do not have Manage permissions for Payment Processors in their Webconnex account. If this is the case, reach out to your account owner to request that permission.

Can I process transactions in CAD?

Yes, you are able to process in CAD with Webconnex Payments. Note, if you plan to process a page in USD and a different page in CAD, you'd need a separate Webconnex Payments processor for each.

What if I want funds for one event to go into one bank account and funds for another event to go into a different bank account?

Each Webconnex Payments processor can link to one bank account and process in one currency. So if you'd like to point to different bank accounts or process in different currencies (ie USD or CAD), you'd want to setup a different Webconnex Payments processor for each.

What is the minimum transaction amount?

The minimum transaction amount is $1.

What if I don't have a website? What should I put in that field?

If you don't have a specific website and are trying to fill out the Webconnex Payments KYC process, you can simply put the URL to your RegFox page in that question. Here is how to find your page URL.

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