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Fixing how your event appears on social media
Fixing how your event appears on social media

If your images or text aren't displaying on Facebook as you have them setup in RegFox, use this Facebook debugger

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If Facebook doesn't seem to be posting the most recent text and images you've added to the Social Media section of your RegFox page, you likely need to run a Facebook refresh. Facebook will store whatever was initially shared and that original text, link and image will override any updated info, unless you use this Facebook Debugger tool to refresh what is being shared to Facebook.

Refresh Facebook

  • To get started, from the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you're needing to refresh what is posted to Facebook

  • Hover your mouse over the Promote tab and select Social and SEO from the dropdown (NOTE: Your page needs to be published in order to update this section)

  • Assure the title, description and image are all updated and as you'd like them to display to social media

  • Once it looks good, Save and Publish your changes

๐Ÿ’กTip: For the social image, we recommend uploading a 400 X 300 pixel or larger .png or .jpg

Use the Facebook Debugger

  • Once you've published your changes, copy the URL of your published page

  • Click the button below to launch the Facebook debugger

  • Paste your published page's URL in the debugger and press the Debug button (Note: It might take pressing the debug button a few times for it to refresh to your latest content)

Now when you share to Facebook, your updated details will be shared.

Note: If the image isn't showing up at all, check to see if the file name has any spaces in it. That can sometimes result in a blank image. To remedy that, you can rename the file with no spaces - re-upload the image - and publish on the RegFox side. Then return to the Facebook debugger again.


My Facebook Link preview is not working. Tips to fix it?

If the Facebook debugger tool doesn't seem to be working for you, here are some tips to review to get it to work: Click Here.

What about my LinkedIn post?

You will find a similar tool to accomplish this here:

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