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Use Google Event Discovery to increase visibility of your event
Use Google Event Discovery to increase visibility of your event

Increase the searchability of your event page by having your page listed in Google's Event Listing

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Increase the likelihood of someone finding your event via Google by using our Google Event Discovery feature which allows your page to be listed in Google's Event Listing. The event experience on Google makes it easier for people to discover and attend events through Google Search results and other Google products, like Google Maps.

Enable Google Event Discovery

  • From the Pages screen, click the pencil icon on the page you'd like to enable Google Event Discovery on

  • Hover your mouse over Promote in the top menu bar

  • Select Google Event Discovery from the dropdown

When enabled, fill out the required fields Google needs in order to list your event.

Google requires:

  • Start and End Date

  • Location Name

  • Address

  • A page description

Click Save

Now your page has the information Google needs to "crawl" your event. We've found that it usually takes Google about a week, sometimes more, to pick up your Event and publish it to its Event Listing. It can vary based on Google's bots and algorithms.


Why is my page not showing up under Google Events?

You event page might not be showing under Google's event listing yet because Google's time to recognize this new event and list it can take some time. Make sure your event page is shared on the web. (I.e. that a link to your page is on your website or shared to various places like Facebook). If you have a custom domain with our pages, you can create and use a Google Console account to increase your crawl rates which can help Google list your page faster.

My event is only open a few days a week, can Google show only those days of the week that I'm open?

Currently, Google Event Listing asks for a start date and an end date to your event. We are looking into ways where we can only display your event in their listing on non-sequential multiple dates basis. That way it will be better suited for multi-date events.

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