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Add, remove or edit a user on your account
Add, remove or edit a user on your account

Add or remove users from your account and update their user permissions

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With RegFox you can invite as many users to your account as you need for no additional cost. We always recommend giving anyone who will be accessing your account, their own user login. This allows our system to know who made what changes in the account and it helps with clarity when writing into our support team.

Inviting each person to have their own user login also allows you to quickly and easily revoke a user if needed and control what pages and permissions each user has access to.

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Add A User

If you use multiple products, someone does not need a different user login per account. One user login can access any products across your entire account. To add a new user:

  • From the Pages screen, hover your mouse over the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Users from the dropdown

  • Click the Add User button

  • Enter the name and email address of the person you'd like to add as a user

Set user permissions

Global permissions can be set on a user by toggling on the Grant full access with all privileges to anything. This will give them access to all things such as adding removing users, updating billing information, payment processor, all pages and reports, etc. There are account permissions and page permissions.

Account permissions:

  • Account management

  • User management

  • Billing management

  • Payment Processor setup

  • Integrations

The account permissions for view, manage and delete mean that a user can either just view or look at the settings. Manage means they can make edits to the settings and delete means they can delete items within those settings.

Page permissions

By default, a user is given access to all pages. If you wish to give access to only certain pages, you can toggle on the Setup access to specific pages.

By unchecking one of the manage, publish, reports & exports or financial boxes, it will reveal a list of all pages below where you can pick and choose which pages you'd like to grant a user access to.

  • Manage: Allows Users to view, edit, create, archive, restore and delete pages and send messages through the email center

  • Publish: Allows Users to publish pages and use the email center (a user must have Publish + Manage in order to be able to publish)

  • Reports & Exports: Allows Users to view pages and analytics pages. View, edit and cancel registrations. Check-in and out registrants. Send messages from the email center. View, edit and delete contacts and view and run exports.

  • Financial: Allows Users the ability to see transaction amounts and run financial reports and send messages from the email center

Resend or delete a user's invite

If a user didn't receive their invitation or if you'd like to not have them accept it, you can resend or delete the invitation by:

  • From the Pages screen hovering your mouse over the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner and selecting Users from the dropdown

  • Click Invites to see the pending invitations that have been sent

  • Click the resend icon if you'd like to resend or click the trash can to delete the invitation

Revoke a user

If a user on your account has User management Delete permissions, they can remove or revoke other users from the account, other than the user set as the Owner.

  • From the Pages screen, hover your mouse over the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Users from the dropdown

  • Click the no entry icon next to the user you'd like to revoke and click Revoke User from Account

  • That user will no longer be able to log into the account

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