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How do I update my privacy policy page?
How do I update my privacy policy page?
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Every account receives a generic, default privacy policy page customers can use if they don't have a privacy page of their own.

A link to the page will appear whenever a mobile phone number field is added and the SMS Opt-in is enabled.

For customers using our Text Messaging feature, this privacy policy page is required.

Visitors to your page can click on the link and view the page.

Here is how you can make changes to your privacy policy page, include your own text or link directly to your own page on your website.

  • Click on "Organization Details" from the top right gear menu

  • Click "Manage Account TOS & Privacy Policy"

  • To view your page click the link that says "View policy page" and to use your own text, click the slider that says "Use Custom Policy"

  • Enter your own text or link to your existing page, then click "Save"

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