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How do I set up auto-responses for my text message campaigns?
How do I set up auto-responses for my text message campaigns?

Auto-Responders. Setting up keywords for SMS.

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Autoresponders are great ways to give customers the ability to get directions, links for tickets, check the status of the event, and more.

A common keyword you might set up is "directions" so when customers text in the word directions they will get sent back a text with the address to the event.

First, head to the Text Messaging tab in your account. Then select Keywords from the list of options on the left side of the screen.

Fill in the details and select the save button to set the keyword live.

Click here to learn how to manage your text messaging plan.


How does a subscriber opt out?

The first message your attendee receives instructs them to reply STOP to opt out, which is industry standard. Their number will be added to a do-not-send list by the carriers. If an attendee sent STOP by mistake or wants to remove themselves from the do-not-send list, they should send the keyword START to resume. When an attendee opts out, they opt out of all future messaging from that number, not just that event.

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