Does RegFox work in Canada?

RegFox is one of the most loved registration companies in Canada

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While RegFox is based in the US, our northern neighbors love RegFox for its ease of use and affordable pricing. Create event pages and sell registrations in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and process payment with Webconnex Payments, our preferred payment processing partner, and get payouts in CAD directly deposited into your Canadian bank account.

What is RegFox's Pricing for Canada?

One of the reasons RegFox is loved in Canada is because our pricing is $0.99 + 1% CAD per paid registration. For registrations $5 CAD or less, the RegFox pricing drops to $0.49 per registrant CAD.

When using our in-house payment processor, Webconnex Payments, it is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and fees will be deducted before your payouts occur.

If you choose to use a custom payment processor, such as, Cybersource, etc there is a 1% custom payment processor fee and your RegFox fees will be billed monthly by a card on file.

How Do Payouts Work in Canada?

You can receive your payouts in Canada with Webconnex Payments via direct deposit to your bank account.

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