Can I accept ACH Payments for my event?

ACH payments are not allowed as a payment form for your event but there is an alternative

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ACH is a form of payment that transfers money directly from one bank account to another typically to save the credit card fees associated with a high price. ACH, which stands for Automated Clearing House Network is designed to transfer funds from one bank account (like a checking or savings account) directly to another bank account. This is also sometimes referred to as bank transfer or direct deposit. At this time, ACH payments are not allowed as a payment method for your attendees.

The reason we do not support ACH is because ACH payments do not offer instant funds verification and processing at the time of transaction. This means someone can provide a bad account number and will be issued their registrations before payment has been verified or received. ACH rejection notifications can take up to 7-10 business days before you are notified of insufficient funds, closed accounts, or invalid account numbers. This poses a pesky risk to event organizers because the risk of loss can be high and there is no recourse. There are some services that can authenticate bank account numbers and funds, but they require your attendee to provide their online banking login and that can typically give attendees pause.

Use offline payments feature instead

While you can't accept ACH payments, you can accept a number of non-credit card payment types by enabling offline payments on the registration page. Common examples are for people to send in a manual paper check, cash payments, or providing instructions for wire transfer or Venmo. The registrant's experience will let someone complete the registration page and given instructions provided without requiring a credit card. Here is a guide on setting up offline payments.

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