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Restrictions and rules for travel related events with payment processors
Restrictions and rules for travel related events with payment processors

Some credit card companies have policies and restrictions against travel related events and will prohibit processing payments.

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If you are a travel agency or hosting an event that assists in the travel, be sure to read this guide as you may run afoul of some pesky rules and regulations with credit card processors if you are not careful.

Travel related events are commonly considered high risk to credit card processors and therefore some prohibit travel events and others may allow it but may require reserves or holds. This is really important to verify with your payment processor because the worst case is the payment processor will notify you that you have violated their terms of service and will mass refund all your transactions. We have seen it happen before and you can avoid this by some simple research.

Review Your Payment Provider's Terms of Service

Each payment provider has a terms of service and a section for prohibited uses and activities. That list can have some fun things listed like illegal drugs, working with cartels and ripping off mattress tags (kidding), but it is an important list to review. Often these payment processors put restrictions on travel related activities, so please review the terms of service to make sure your use is within their terms.

Wepay does not allow travel related events or uses

Important: If you are considering using Wepay, our preferred payment processor that is integrated with RegFox, Wepay's terms of service specifically prohibits processing payments for travel agencies and disallows "Travel Tour Operators without membership to a Travel Industry Bonding Agency or not an authorized ticket agent" (See Section 7 of Wepay's terms of service)

If you are concerned about your event or business, reach out to our team and we can provide you additional information on travel related events and suggest an alternative payment processor who will work with your event. Depending on your event and use, we can set you up for a payment provider that will process payments for travel.

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