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Manage Sessions and Redeem Merchandise In The Check-In App
Manage Sessions and Redeem Merchandise In The Check-In App
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Use the Check-In App to easily check Registrants in to your event and redeem any priced items on your page.

This article will guide you through redeeming merchandise and sessions. However, you can redeem the following items if financials are required.

  • Merchandise

  • Sessions

  • Multiple Choice

  • Quantity Box

  • Check Box

  • Line Item

Note: Redeemable items are any item with a financial price tag to it. Even if that is set to $0.00.

If you need to add merchandise to your page or need to download the check-in app, see the below articles for more details.

Redeeming Merchandise

Using the Check-In App, scan or manually search for a registrant by name.

In this example, Rebecca Roy is checked in and has three redeemable purchases we can choose from.

Next, check the item you would like to redeem. Whether merchandise or other financial required fields.

The app will pull up the details for your Session then you select, Redeem.

Once redeemed, the Check-In App will display the purchases as checked. You can also check off more items from this screen.


What items are redeemable using the check-in app?

Redeemable items are sessions, merch, checkbox, and any item with a financial price tag to it (even if that is set to $0.00). Items with financial are more likely to want to be 'redeemed'.

Pro Tip!

Let’s say the registrant wants to redeem a meal choice. But meal choice doesn’t have a price. Do this:

  1. Enable financial options

  2. Keep prices blank

  3. In advanced options ‘hide price’ so $0.00 doesn’t show on the published page.
    That will trigger the fields to be redeemable in the app for items that don’t have prices associated with them.

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