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Issue Refunds If An Event is Cancelled | Mass Cancellation
Issue Refunds If An Event is Cancelled | Mass Cancellation
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If your event is unable to take place, you can use this feature to cancel and refund all of your registrants. You will have two options for the refund, you can issue them a coupon code to use for a different event or you can refund the amount back to the original card they used to purchase their registration.

πŸ‘‰ Mass Cancellation is feature locked. To unlock this feature, message our team by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner to request to have it unlocked.

To begin, select the Page Analytics icon.

Under the ellipsis, select the Mass Cancellation option.

When selected, you will be presented with two ways to refund your orders. To begin, select the one you want (more details below).

  1. Issue Coupon For Future Use
    Refunding by coupon sends a code to your customers for the full order amount. This coupon can be used on a future date on any of your RegFox pages.
    The coupon is sent via email along with any custom wording you'd like to include (pictured below).

Here is a sample of the email the customers will receive:

2. Issue Full Refund

You can select to issue a full refund for these orders, which will return the customer their full order amount. You can opt to send a Cancellation Notice which will notify your customers of the cancellation.

Clicking Next will take you to review all the orders that will be canceled.
You have the option to remove individual orders from being canceled if needed. If all looks good, agree to the terms and select Refund.

Selecting Refund will place your orders in a queue. Depending on how many orders there are, it can take up to several hours to complete.

Email Notifications to You

You will get notified via email when the queue has begun. The email will contain a live link to the queue so you can see when all have been completed.

When the queue is finished you will receive a summary email of your successful refunds and/or failed refunds.


Why would a refund fail?

The transaction has not settled yet (was collected within 24 hours of the cancellation) or if the transaction is outside the refund settlement date (depends on the gateway, 60 days if using Webconnex Payments).

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