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WePay, a Chase company that hosts online payment processing. RegFox partners with WePay to ensure collecting payments online is simple, efficient, and affordable. This article contains some commonly asked questions and (most importantly) answers about managing your funds.

When will I receive my deposits?

The settlement amount typically appears in your bank account 1-3 days after the settlement is initiated, depending on the bank account's processing time.

How much money will I receive in each deposit?

Your net balance as of 12 am PST will be sent to your bank account the following day.

Why isn't my balance fully available?

A few reasons why your balance may not be fully available:

1. One or more payments have not been fully processed.

2. Your bank account was not confirmed.

3. There are reserves on the account.

Why can't I see my payments in my WePay account?

Double check you have selected the correct date range within your online WePay account. If you request a report for data that is not yet available, the report will not generate to ensure that all data presented is accurate.

How do I get more details about a payment?

Each row in the transaction section of your WePay account is clickable and will lead you to a page with more details about the payment. You can also use the download button to save a CSV file to your computer with more information about each payment.

How do I see the payments report?

Use the "Back to Payments" button to go back to view the payments report.

Why can't I see my settlements?

Make sure you have selected the correct date range.

Why can't I download my settlement report?

Settlement reports are available for download about 6 hours after the settlement occurs.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is when a cardholder contacts their issuing financial institution to dispute a specific payment.

Can I challenge the chargeback?

Yes. Use the "Challenge" button in your email notification within your WePay account, under Reporting > Chargebacks. When challenging a chargeback you must respond with evidence supporting your case within five business days.

What happens when a chargeback is issued?

The funds will be removed from your available balance.

Where did you obtain my contact information from?

When you signed up for an account with Webconnex, the contact information that you provided was used to activate your WePay account.

If I have more than one WePay account, how do I view my other accounts?

A list of your accounts can be found on the top right side of the page. Use the drop down menu to move between your accounts.

Why can't I close my WePay account?

You will not be able to close your account if you have any transactions pending to your account or if there are funds available for settlement or if there are any reserves on any of your payments.

What will happen if I close my WePay account?

You will permanently lose access to your account and all of the information in it. Please make sure you have all of the information you need about the activity in the account before you close it. When you are ready, press the "Close Account" button. If you have multiple accounts, you will still be able to access those other active accounts.

Why do I need to add my bank account?

In order to receive the proceeds of your sales, you will need to provide your bank account information. You can add your bank information to your WePay account under Settings > Settlement Details.

Where can I find my bank account number?

Your account number can be found at the top of your bank statement, on the front of your debit card, or along the bottom of your checks.

What is a transfer period?

A transfer period is how often you'd like to be able to withdraw your money. You have a choice among:

  • Daily - end of every day

  • Weekly - Monday of every week

  • Monthly - 1st of the month

You can change this deposit frequency under Settings > Settlement Details.

How do I reset my WePay account password?

To change your password use the "Edit" button and input your current password as well as your new password.

Do I need authentication if I have a strong password?

Yes, authentication can protect your WePay account, even if your password is stolen, by adding a second level of protection.

What if my phone number changes?

Configure your new phone number to receive verification codes in the future by going into the "Authentication" tab.

What if a trusted computer or device was lost or stolen?

You should immediately login to your WePay account from another computer, go to "Authentication" tab, find the appropriate device and "delete" it.

Why is WePay holding on to my funds?

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, WePay is committed to protecting our merchants. During this time of uncertainty WePay may hold Jumpstart Reserves on your account. Jumpstart Reserves protect both merchants and WePay from the financial impact of losses due to refunds and chargebacks if there is a disruption to the scheduled event.

How this impacts your WePay account:

  • Jumpstart Reserves will be held in your WePay account.

  • The funds will be released within 15 business days after the event has taken place.

  • Typically the Jumpstart Reserve is 20-30% of all registrations for the full event.

  • Funds may be held longer if there are high refunds or chargebacks.

  • WePay's system is unable to split payments. Due to this product constraint they are unable to hold a portion of a single payment in reserve. In practice, this can mean that while they are holding a Jumpstart Reserve of $100.00, and you receive a $500.00 payment, they would need to hold the full $500.00. Please note that balance is subject to change as more payments are received and their system’s automated logic will attempt to hold as close to (but not less than) $100.00 as possible.

After WePay's Trust and Safety Team evaluates your account, they will let you know your Jumpstart Reserve. WePay will hold all funds until your account has reached the 20-30% threshold. As soon as your WePay account reaches that total, the remaining 70-80% of registrations will be released to your linked bank account on file. Once your event is finished, WePay will release the remaining funds within 15 days in almost all cases. For further questions on Jumpstart Reserves, or anything else about your WePay account, please contact WePay's support team using this form.

WePay Help Center

For more detailed information, please visit WePay's Help Center.

WePay Customer Support:

Please note that WePay does not provide phone support. You can reach WePay's Customer Support team using this form.

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