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Switch Your Event Type From In Person to Online
Switch Your Event Type From In Person to Online
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It's simple to update your existing event to take it online. This is a great option if your event is prevented from taking place due to COVID-19 or if you want to expand to offer the online option.

Select Basic Setup from the Settings dropdown in your page builder.

Update the Event Type from In Person to Online.

Once confirmed, two changes will take place.

  • A Virtual Event dropdown will appear in your page builder for you to format your online content.

  • All registrants will be automatically assigned an access code and access link to view the online content. You can resend the confirmation emails to existing registrants with the following steps.

Select Scheduled Reminders from the Emails dropdown in your page builder.

Select Create A Reminder Email. Then enter today's date under the Custom option.

Use the model to craft a custom message to your registrants.

This is a great opportunity to provide any additional details your registrants will need to know. A copy of their confirmation, including the access code and access links, will automatically be included beneath your custom message.

Save your changes. The email will send at the date and time you selected and you will receive a confirmation when it has been sent. Here is an example of what the updated confirmation email will look like...

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